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10 Best Bowling Balls For Hooks of 2023 & 2024 (Expert’s Opinion)

best bowling ball for hooks

Bowling is a famous game, and many different types of bowling balls are available for purchase. In this post, we’ll go over the ten best bowling balls for hooks that you should consider purchasing. Before submitting the listing, certain information concerning bowling ball hooks must be included.

Generally, a bowling ball has two essential components: the cover stock and the weight block (or core). The ball is both firm and spherical. Only a few bowling balls have a hole that allows you to grip them with two fingers and your thumb, and only a few bowls have ten-pin bowling.

There are hooks for rolling the balls in a curving pattern to keep them entirely in your hand. Most significantly, the hooks allow the players to see the game from a different perspective. If a player uses the hook appropriately, the ball will strike the pins with greater power. As a result, a hook-equipped bowling ball is quite popular in the bowling ball game.

Pyramid Path Rising

Pyramid has tested its goods extensively and demonstrated its effectiveness to lifetime bowlers who have used it. This is one of the cheapest alternatives available, allowing for a fantastic hook shot. Although it is a cheap purchase, it does not fall short of a decent ball with hook potential If you need a powerful backend motion, the Pyramid Path Rising ball is the best bowling ball for hooks.

Towards the start of the lane, its reactive pearl coverstock will keep the hook from becoming too aggressive, and at the end, it will reveal its full hook capability to the user. It is equipped with pyramid technology, which is included. It is designed to handle the numerous factors in bowling and is constantly changing. The factors that are susceptible to continual change include the ball speed, the rev rate, and the state of the lane.

This ball performs admirably in all of these circumstances. It is a bowling ball that is highly beneficial to a bowler. In addition, because of its modest learning hook, it might be considered the best bowling ball for beginning bowlers.

A two-handed bowler or even a stroker might exploit the pyramid path, rising to their advantage. It performs best in medium-lane conditions. It may also be used in medium-dry lane conditions, according to bowlers. Additionally, it has a medium flare potential. It’s also a reliable reactive bowl that will keep bowlers happy for a long time.


  • Eye-catching colors
  • A smooth finish
  • Polyester coverstock material
  • Two years of warranty
  • Excellent for hook shots
  • Best for medium lane conditions


  • The Interior is not solid.
  • Only for beginners
  • Extra charges for drilling
  • Drilled by a pro shop

Brunswick Rhino

The coverstock of this bowling ball is a swirl of five visually appealing colors. Its nation of origin is Mexico, which is represented by this Brunswick reactive resin ball.

In addition, the coverstock is solid reactive, which allows for greater length and better back-end motion. Reactive Pearl is used for the coverstock. It will undoubtedly be easy on your pocket as well. Whether the lanes are oil or dry, this reactive resin ball bowls effectively without exhibiting great sensitivity. This ball is likewise exceptionally well-constructed and suitable for entry-level use.

It is one of the best bowling balls available and is also suggested for usage by beginners. It would be great if you practiced this ball to refine and enhance your bowling game. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who prefers a straight-shot configuration. It is also beneficial for expert bowlers who frequently find their oil patterns sopping due to using them many times.

Remember that it is not porous, unlike Brunswick’s other reactive resin balls. Therefore, it may not be as responsive as other balls on the market. It also has a light bulb core inside of it. This reactive resin bowling ball also has tremendous flare potential, enhanced by the core’s ability to cut into the ball and excellent lane length.


  • R16 reactive coverstock
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Best for dry and medium oil condition


  • Not for heavy oil lanes
  • Less aggressive

Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball

The ball has some stunning swirls of color that are guaranteed to catch the eye of everyone watching you bowl. It’s made of a GPS navigational solid coverstock that’s also been finished with a 2000-grit Abralon surface. It is ideal for medium-sized lanes since it provides the appropriate benchmark motion. It is also possible to drill in a variety of ways. As a result, this ball may be used by people of different bowling styles.

It is an excellent choice for medium-to-heavy oil channel applications. You may anticipate a fantastic hook shot in this situation. The Pathogen also causes a far greater reaction than you would expect from a virus. This Pyramid Antidote bowling ball also has a high RG differential core, providing the most flare potential possible, and is highly durable.

Additionally, when you bowl, you may expect a rapid reaction time. You can clean it up with giant foam and get it back to being neat and moving. This ball’s core is made of high-density ceramic, which makes it highly durable. It will also assist you in creating an excellent hook. It has good performance for an entry-level player. The ball is symmetrical and enters the pocket at the proper angle. It results in a successful strike.


  • GPS navigational solid coverstock
  • 2000 grit Abralon surface finish
  • Best for medium-to-heavy oil
  • RG differential core
  • Best for hooks


  • Not suitable for dry lanes

Storm Phaze III

A velocity core is used in the construction of this ball. In addition, it is also composed of R3S Hybrid material. This bowling ball combines all of these characteristics to provide exceptional performance and a terrific hook. As a result, it’s also an excellent choice for hook novices.

It is one of the best bowling ball alternatives available because of its robust body, which allows for a terrific game. It has a reactive hybrid coverstock with a reactive coating. The weight distribution on this also represents the velocity core.

Aside from that, it has a pleasant grapevine scent, which makes it a delightful purchase. It also has consistent backend reactions that do not cause you to be concerned about overreacting. In this case, a bowling ball for a hook gives the ideal balance for a beginning player.

It also has a lot of promise as a hook. Using the bowling ball in a medium oil condition is also essential because the cover stock helps blend the transitions very effectively. It can be curled on waxed lanes and will travel precisely where you point it to. This bowling ball is suitable for use on any lane condition, which is the most delicate aspect.


  • R3S Hybrid velocity core
  • It provides a terrific hook.
  • Reactive Hybrid coverstock
  • It gives a pleasant grapevine scent
  • Consistent backend reactions


  • Not the best heavy oil lanes
  • Not for professionals

Pyramid Pathogen

This bowling ball features a fantastic coverstock, the GPS navigational solid cover stock, which makes it highly durable. It features a factory polish finish similar to other Pyramid balls, making it the best bowling ball for hooks.

It also provides a decent baseline motion for medium lanes, which is helpful. Moreover, it comes with various drilling choices to accommodate the numerous bowling styles that are accessible. It also includes a new ERA 139 symmetric core, which is unique.

It has been specifically developed to identify the optimal angle to approach the pocket. It also has a mild flare potential, which is a nice bonus. With this Pyramid Pathogen bowling ball, you will achieve the perfect length. It also leaves a smooth response on the surface of your bowling ball.

Please remember that this ball does not arrive pre-drilled, and you will be responsible for completing this task yourself. The ball is also highly fascinating for bowling since it glows under ultraviolet light, making it unique. You will also be able to maintain excellent control over your bowling game if you have this ball on your side.



  • GPS navigational solid cover stock
  • Best for medium lane conditions
  • ERA 139 symmetric core
  • Mild flare potential
  • Glows under UV


  • Not best for heavy lane conditions
  • Not pre-drilled
  • Extra cost for drilling

Hammer Black Widow Legend

The Coverstock of this Hammer Black Widow Legend bowling ball has a composite design. This ball is also the best bowling ball for hooks. For bowlers who like oil lanes, the black widow legend is the ball to use.

In addition, the Hammer Black Widow enables excellent hooking in an oily lane condition. It also features a superb gas mask core, the mask section wrapped in the NBT hybrid coverstock for more protection. It also appears with a 1000-grit Abarlon finish to complete the look. It is ideal for offering excellent durability in a variety of bowling environments.

Many different bowling balls are available, but this one is prevalent among professional bowlers worldwide. You can count on a fantastic hook and good length whenever you are out bowling.

However, this is not the ideal option for bowling on a dry lane, as you will see later in this article. Its outstanding endurance makes this Black Widow ball ideal for heavy-duty applications, and many users prefer it over other options. It also features a massive mid-lane towards the backside. When it comes to bowling, the Black Widow is sure to amaze.



  • Excellent gas mask core
  • NBT hybrid coverstock
  • 1000 grit Abarlon finish
  • Best for oily lanes
  • A fantastic hook


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Only for heavy oil lanes

Storm Sure Lock

There is a particular motion that you will notice when looking at the Storm Sure-Lock. Whether you are a trainee or an expert, you will be able to discern this action with clarity. The Rad-X Core in this ball makes it the best bowling ball for hooks because of its unique design. This necessitates the use of a short and fast spin radius. With the sure lock ball, you will not be disappointed in the amount of movement you see, regardless of your playing style.

As you play, it also ensures that you have a high carry percentage. It is also well-known for having a high potential for flares. You can anticipate a modified hook as well as a smooth ball action. It has a flare potential of approximately 6 inches, which means it is packed with energy. It is a fantastic alternative for generating the highly sought-after mid-lane roll.

It is also effective in heavy-traffic, greasy lane environments. The top bowlers worldwide have long been renowned for maintaining precise control of the middle lane. This is made possible by the coverstock material formulation used to construct this sure lock ball. In addition, the ball is polished with a 2000-grit Abarlon.



  • Rad-X Core
  • High carry percentage
  • Flare potential of 6 inches
  • Best for medium lanes
  • 2000 grit Abarlon


  • Improper for heavy oil lanes
  • Not pre-drilled

Hammer Rip’d Solid

Using the Aggression Solid CFI coverstock, this is a high-performance ball with exceptional durability. It features a low RG core design with a high differential rip d solid and low in RG. In addition, it has a good recovery time during bowling. It demonstrates an excellent hook across oil lanes.

It is also a good ball for the house shot because of its size. The asymmetric reactive properties of the Rip d Solid make it a fantastic choice. However, it requires a small amount of oil to function properly.

The ball is excellent for use in the middle of the lane and with pins. Aside from that, it has an aggressive cover and a substantial core. Due to this, it is a robust ball that consistently delivers on oil. It also provides a high degree of control. This ball will undoubtedly impress if it has the appropriate volume in it. You will only store enough energy to get through the pins in time.

It is also highly sturdy, as evidenced by the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty. This is due to the carbon fiber integrated into the core. As a result, it is intended for heavy-duty applications and leaves an aggressive overall hook by making it the best bowling ball for hooks.



  • Aggression Solid CFI coverstock
  • Tough and Durable
  • Strong Hook
  • low RG core
  • Smooth and Continuous Motion
  • Good Recovery


  • Not suitable for dry lanes


Our overview of the best bowling balls for hooks has helped you choose your favourite?

Our best recommendation would be Hammer Black Widow, which we discussed in this article. The Black Widow will not be the best bowling ball for hooks for every purchaser, but if you have the necessary talent, it may take your game to real advancements on the lane and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about the best bowling balls for hooks? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will help you understand how to choose and use them.

Certain bowlers spin the ball more than others, but to hook the ball, you must generate lift. If you haven’t gotten your thumb out of the ball yet, you shouldn’t move toward hooking the ball.

When you’re getting ready to release the ball, try to feel the ball on the tips of your fingers and elevate your fingers as you do so.

A hook can be created by illegally manipulating the weight of the bowling ball, such as by drilling the ball so that there is more side weight on the right side of the ball (for a right-hander), which would cause the ball to pull from right to left, resulting in a knock. The majority of bowlers use three holes (thumb and two fingers).

A more durable coverstock than plastic, urethane provides greater friction between the ball and the lane surface than any other two options. A more significant hook potential is therefore present in urethane compared to plastic.

In response to the higher friction on the lane, urethane deflects less, resulting in more excellent pin action.

Certain bowlers spin the ball more than others, but to hook the ball, you must generate lift.

If you haven’t gotten your thumb out of the ball yet, you shouldn’t move toward hooking the ball. When you’re getting ready to release the ball, try to feel the ball on the tips of your fingers and elevate your fingers as you do so.

A more durable coverstock than plastic, urethane provides greater friction between the ball and lane surface than any other two options.

A more significant hook potential is therefore present in urethane compared to plastic. In response to higher friction on the lane surface, urethane deflects less, resulting in better pin action.