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10 Best Bowling Balls For Left-Handers 2023 & 2024

Best Bowling Balls For Left-Handers - Bowlingview

While exploring the best bowling ball for left-handers, lefties have some distinct benefits and obstacles. Most bowling lanes are set up for right-handed bowlers, which creates unique challenges for left-handed bowlers who approach from the other side of the lane.

This type of left-hander bowling ball works with strengths and limitations while being ideally suited to a player who does not toss with the right hand, typically dominating. Due to the absolute number of left-handed bowling ball options available, we have listed the 10 best bowling balls for left-handers in 2023.

This shopping guide spent a lot of time and effort finding the best bowling balls for left-handers. If you’re a left-handed bowler, read on for some helpful tips and techniques, as well as a primer on everything left-handed in the world of bowling!

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is a popular choice among professional bowlers because of its unique design. You will have plenty of color selections to pick from, which helps Brunswick stand out in the bowling market. This has become the most popular and sought-after ball in recent years.

This ball is made of durable materials that will keep it from cracking under any circumstances. If you are looking for a bowling ball that is both brand new and aggressive, the Brunswick t-zone deep space is the right choice for you. With a Royal Shine finish, you will receive appropriate wear and durability.

While this is not a striking ball for most intermediate and expert left-handed bowlers, it is a fantastic-looking spare ball for anybody wanting to take advantage of depleted oil patterns and dry oil situations. It is not a reactive bowling ball in such settings, but it is not required to be. If you need a spare and your oil patterns have failed, this ball will hit its mark and provide precision control.


  • Polyester coverstocks
  • Affordable Price
  • Best for dry lanes
  • Different color patterns
  • long-lasting performance
  • Aesthetic looks


  • Heavy-weight ball
  • Not best for heavy oil lanes

2. Pyramid Path Rising

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality left-hand bowling balls, Pyramid understands what it’s doing. This ball will be your best option when visiting a bowling alley in your area with a medium to dry lane. It is the best bowling ball for left-handed players.
Not to mention the fact that this high-quality bowling ball will not burn a hole in your wallet.

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Both intermediate and young bowlers will benefit from the ball’s performance characteristics. This ball must be designed to match your playing style and successfully play a bowling ball with your favorite strokes.

Furthermore, the Pyramid ball has a visually arresting appearance. In addition, the Reactive Pearl Urethane coverstock aids in the ball’s ability to produce an aggressive response. With this ball, you may begin at the beginning of your training program color and go through it until you reach an intermediate level.

Even the bowlers from intermediate to expert level enjoy how responsive the ball is structured. In addition, the symmetrical core of the Pyramid Path Rising ball provides exceptional flexibility when drilling finger holes in the ball. When it comes to left-handed bowlers that prefer to play on medium oil surfaces, this is the most delicate bowling ball to use.


  • Eye-catching colors
  • A smooth finish
  • Polyester coverstock material
  • Two years of warranty
  • Excellent for left-handers
  • Best for dry lane conditions


  • The Interior is not solid
  • Extra charges for drilling
  • Drilled by a pro shop

3. Brunswick Rhino

When you move from the beginner to the expert level of bowling, locating a bowling ball for left-handers might be challenging. The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball, on the other hand, might be the best bowling ball for left-handers. The ball has a reasonable amount of response time.

The tremendous power of the ball is attributed to the particular mix of the cover material. The symmetrical core of the ball contributes to the ball’s overall equilibrium. It may also adjust the length and position of the finger openings due to the body’s flexibility.

This is an excellent alternative if you cannot locate a ball with the appropriate finger holes for yourself. You may adjust the location of the ball and the number of holes you drill in it to suit your needs. In addition, you may choose between a standard grip and a fingertip grip when using this bowling ball.

Choose the fingertip grip if you want your ball to have more aggressiveness when you’re playing soccer. Your shots will be more forceful as a result of using this grip. Choosing a regular grip, on the other hand, would result in superior support and control.


  • R16 reactive coverstock
  • USBC approved
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners left-handers
  • Best for dry and medium oil condition


  • Not for heavy oil lanes
  • Less aggressive

4. Pyramid Antidote Solid

This list of the best bowling balls for left-handers would be incomplete if it did not include several items from Pyramid. As its name implies, the ball is a cure for the problems associated with making beginner bowling blunders. Not all heavy oil lane bowling balls are simple, but this particular ball is an exception to the rule.

The coverstock is made of a heavy-duty GPS Navigational Solid, which is ideal for outdoor use. You may not be informed of it, but this coverstock material possesses a high level of aggressiveness. The Pyramid ball completes the set with a 200 Grit Abralon finish to bring everything together.

The Antidote Solid, like its predecessors, is constructed with a New Era 139 symmetrical core. This core is a much better option for left-handed bowlers than the previous one. This is because the body allows for a flexible finger hole location.

In addition, the 0.054 difference increases the freedom in selecting the ideal drill location from the available options. While rolling down the alley, this 15-pound bowling ball can pick up a velocity of 18 miles per hour. You should also be aware that it accommodates a low axle tilt, which allows for more significant rotation.


  • GPS navigational solid coverstock
  • 2000 grit Abralon surface finish
  • Best for medium-to-heavy oil
  • RG differential core
  • Best for left-handers


  • Not best for dry lanes

5. Storm Ice Bowling Ball

We couldn’t imagine creating a list of the best left-hand bowling balls and leaving the Storm Ice bowling ball from the comparison. Many players are on the lookout for a ball that is capable of tackling all sorts of lanes. Even the most expensive bowling ball in the world cannot ensure this.

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The Storm Ice bowling ball, on the other hand, is an exception. This ball is excellent for novices and can roll smoothly on various surfaces, including heavy oil, mid-dry, dry, and covers. It is equipped with a three-piece traditional pancake core, which ensures structural stability.

In addition, the pearl polyester used in this ball provides excellent durability and a long lifespan. Another advantage of using polyester coverstock is that it has good stability. You may be confident that the ball will move in a straight line every time you strike it with your club.

The Storm Ice bowling ball has a 3500-grit polish, which allows it to roll long distances with precision and accuracy while maintaining its shape. It is the ideal ball for when you want to have a casual game and when you want to be serious about the sport.

With its essential and beginner-friendly characteristics, this bowling ball is ideal for those who are just getting started in the sport. You may concentrate on mastering the basic skills while using this ball.


  • Three-piece traditional pancake core
  • Pearl polyester coverstock
  • 3500-grit polish
  • Best for all lane conditions
  • Suitable for left-handers


  • Frequently cleaning required
  • Highly-priced

6. Pyramid Curse

Considering that the average speed is 19 mph and the rotational speed is 375 RPM, we’re curious about how well this ball will perform. It is the ball that has the most consistency and the appropriate amount of pressure to it. Its Navigational ATX GPS is housed within its perfectly symmetric core. This means that oil lanes with medium to high traffic will be acceptable for the ball.

The 6kg bowling spherule provides surprisingly good control for its weight. The Pyramid Curse bowling ball is the most potent bowling ball available because of its unrivaled quality. Impact and displacement will be spectacular if you release the ball with sufficient energy and force.

The 0.055 difference, the 200 Grit polish finish, and the 2.5 RG are all excellent for enjoyable gaming. The Curse bowling ball has unquestionably set a high bar for its forthcoming siblings to follow in its footsteps.

The fact that they are available in various sizes is the best aspect of the Pyramid range. As a result, if you enjoy the characteristics of this ball, you do not have to abandon it just because it does not suit your weight range.

Overall, the improved reaction dynamics and the innovative design and craftsmanship make this a worthwhile purchase. This ball’s consistency, smooth displacements, and impactful shots are all-natural characteristics of the game.


  • Navigational ATX GPS symmetric core
  • Innovative design
  • Optimal structure
  • Best for left-handers


  • Heavy-weight ball
  • Extra cost for drilling

7. Hammer Black Widow

The Hammer Black Widow is yet another best bowling ball for the left-handers since it is a very aggressive bowling ball that performs well on every bowling surface. It’s designed in the Tweener style, which makes it suitable for all types of bowlers. When you choose Hammer Black, you will receive 375 RPM and incredible durability.

Many bowlers struggle in oily conditions, but with the aid of this ball, you will be able to maintain outstanding control even in the most challenging of situations. Strong hybrid covers allow all left-handed bowlers to perform well in the center and rear of the bowling alley.

An attractive ball, paired with an NBT mask and one thousand-grain ABRALON with an enameled touch, makes for a striking combination. This bowling ball creates its carbon fiber cover, making it more durable than the genuine Assassin and Black Widow itself.

Additionally, it is drilled in numerous dual intents that adjust to the differing circumstances of the lanes as a result of this.



  • Not for oily lanes
  • Extra cost for drilling

8. Brunswick Skull Viz A

The greater the popularity of this bowling ball’s brand, the better its performance for all left-handed bowlers. To go over the pins with a firm stroke, all professional bowlers always recommend the Brunswick Skull Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball, available in several colors. Because of the cohabitation of a revolutionary core and an aggressive coverstock, it delivers all of the tremendous strength, optimum impact, and extreme entrance angle that a left-handed bowler could ever need. It has a polyester cover material, which means that it is robust and simple to roll on various surfaces.

It is intended to slide in a straight line wherever it is rolled, so Brunswick created the Skull Viz-A-Ball bowling ball. The pancake core serves as the center of this ball. In this case, the center will provide a consistent but slightly tamed roll, which will mostly maintain the ball in a straight line, just like other valuable bowling balls do.

Brunswick Bowling Products are becoming increasingly popular among bowlers since they contain all the features that a bowler looks for in a ball. If you look closely at the cover stock of this excellent bowling ball, you may notice some small pit holes, which appear to be expected for this sort of ball. Viz-A-Ball is available in weights ranging from 6 to 16 pounds, and it is simple to use for anyone.

No products found.


  • Bright looks
  • Several size alternatives
  • Works on all lane
  • Shines in the dark


  • High-priced
  • Drilled after purchase
  • Not for graphic hatters

9. Storm Drive Bowling Ball

When it comes to bowling balls, stability might be a big concern. Fortunately, the Storm Drive bowling ball comes to the rescue in this situation! The stability of this high-quality R2S Nano Hybrid material ball is one of its greatest assets. This coverstock material is excellent at avoiding greasy and oily coatings from forming on the surface.

RG and differential are both 2.57 on this excellent bowling ball, which also happens to be 0.050. Furthermore, because of its appropriate weight and size, it might be an excellent pick for beginners. The careful design of the bowling ball contributes to the ball’s overall stability by increasing its overall stability.

You will have difficulty finding a bowling ball with the same level of predictability as this one. Because of its numerous advantageous characteristics, the ball has maintained its dominance on the market to this day.

On the other hand, if your ideal bowling ball checklist includes a striking look, this ball may fall short of your expectations. In other words, the ball has a brusque appearance, and the style quotient is lacking to a certain extent on it.

If you are not concerned about appearances, then you should not be concerned with anything. The Storm Drive bowling ball, on the whole, represents excellent value for money.


  • High-quality R2S Nano Hybrid
  • Brusque appearance
  • Best for mid-lane conditions
  • Best for beginner left-handers


  • Not dry lane conditions

10. Michelin Storm Super Soniq

The use of cutting-edge technology distinguishes the Michelin Storm Super Soniq bowling ball. One of these is the incredible centripetal HD Cores, which are available only from AMD. Featuring cutting-edge capabilities, the Michelin Super Soniq is a much-needed addition to the company’s product range.

The Super Soniq also comes with a 3000 Grit Abalone-finish bowling bud, which is a nice extra. The appearance of this particular indicates that the ball possesses exceptional powers. From its performance to its appearance, every aspect of the ball has been designed to be durable against the competition.

Super Soniq is an asymmetric spherule with a low refractive index (RG). In addition, the ball’s coverstock is made of NRG Hybrid Reactive, which is a reactive material. Aside from being extremely comfortable, grippy, and stable, this coverstock material is also quite durable. Furthermore, the NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock allows for a more powerful strike to be delivered.

The ball provides a rapid response time despite its low relative gravity (RG). The stability and control of this left-handed bowling ball will be unsurpassed on the front dry bowling lanes, which is what you should anticipate.

The Michelin Storm Super Soniq is one of the best bowling balls for left-handed bowlers on the market today. It is an enticing proposal that no lefty should pass up on the opportunity. It’s also worth noting that the ball has a delicious plum smell to it as well.


  • Centripetal HD Cores
  • 3000 Grit Abalone-finish
  • NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock
  • Best for left-handers


  • Not suitable for strangle-angle shots

Final Thoughts

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball would be our top choice for left-handed bowlers’ best bowling ball. These bowling balls are made for bowlers who use the left-handed bowling lanes. Everything about this ball is top-notch, from the aesthetics to the functionality.

The ball incorporates some of the most cutting-edge technology. A competitive advantage is provided by the hybrid reactive coverstock of this ball. If our winner bowling ball is not for you, there are plenty of alternative options on our list.

When making a purchase, don’t forget to take the advice from the guide into account. We place together this purchasing guide to help all left-handed bowlers have a great time at their next game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are left-handed, bowling may be a little more difficult for you. While left-handed players can achieve the same level of success as their right-handed colleagues, it may take some time to acquire the necessary strategy and techniques.

It is recommended that right-handed bowlers position their balls within their left foot on the center dot and for left-handed bowlers to do the same with their right foot. Then, with one foot slightly behind the other and about 2 inches apart, take a step forward.

Generally, yes, lefties have a significant advantage purely because there are fewer of them. Each time a ball is launched down the lane, a small amount of oil is moved, righties, in general, have to move their line WAY more frequently than a lefty, which is suitable for lefties most of the time because the less you have to move, the better your score is.

According to statistics, around 13 percent of the adult population is left-handed. According to an analysis by bowling ball news, the PBA top 50 bowlers of all time, on the other hand, includes ten left-handed players (or around 20% of the total). Also, take in mind that a left-hander now holds the top place.