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10 Best Urethane Bowling Balls 2023 & 2024

Best Urethane Bowling Balls - bowlingview

When it comes to bowling, the correct ball can make or break your game. Best Urethane Bowling Balls, in particular, have an extraordinary effect on the trajectory of the ball down the lane. Many bowlers prefer urethane balls due to their pleasing feel.

Urethane has fallen out of favor due to the introduction of more modern coverstock materials. Reactive resin appears to have supplanted it as the material of choice for bowlers. Despite this, urethane does have some distinct advantages. This post will walk you through the 10 best urethane bowling balls and explain what makes them so great.

Because urethane balls offer a higher hook potential and less back-end aggression than plastic balls, they’ve grown in popularity by a factor of ten. The pin motion and friction they provide are both excellent. Additionally, they endure a long time compared to plastic balls.

Urethane bowling balls, such as pearl bowling balls, are another type of synthetic ball. Bowling balls, on the other hand, are made of solid material.

The pearl urethane ball has a lower coefficient of friction with the lane than the stable version. As a result, the former cannot deliver sufficient energy to the pins before they run out.

As a result, pearl balls have increased strength. They’re much more popular than solid urethane balls. Pearl balls are a bit pricey, but the pleasure and quality they provide make the cost worthwhile.

More information about urethane bowling balls and why you should try them at least once will be provided in the following sections, along with a list of the 10 best urethane bowling balls available for purchase.

1. Storm Pitch Black

It is always preferable to have alternatives. As a result, we also offer you the Storm Pitch Black urethane bowling ball, which is a solid opponent for the Hammer Purple Pearl urethane ball.

This comes with an asymmetrically weighted core that is appropriate for mid to mild flare. It has a solid urethane coverstock that has been treated to be permeable. This is done to absorb the oil better and provide more excellent reactive performance.

The core is significantly lower in weight than the majority of other options in this sector. This core makes it feasible to hit the target with more accuracy.

The Capacitor Core in this urethane bowling ball ensures a smooth roll throughout the whole game. You’ll have an easier time understanding your shots this way. It is a convenient feature, mainly if you are new to the sport of bowling.

If you want a better hook, you need a smaller RG (radius of gyration). Longer shots are possible with a higher RG. This model is available in three different RGs to accommodate players of varying skill levels. According to the manufacturer, it combines this with smaller differentials to improve the length of the shot while also providing a better hook at the same time.



Covered in ultra-durable urethane

Not for large oil lanes

A durable design

Collects lots of oil

Great control on short oil lanes


Very consistent in performance


2. Hammer Black Widow

As a redesigned version of the iconic Purple Pearl, this one features an asymmetric core covered in urethane. It is one of the very few balls on the market that has an asymmetrically weighted core.

This will assist you in maintaining consistency in your shots. It can make a significant difference in obtaining a stable curve at critical points in your game. This is also the reason why the ball has more flare when it is thrown down the lane. It has a better understanding of the lane and reacts more quickly.

The Hammer Black Widow is a great ball to have in their arsenal for bowlers who require some aggressive motion down the lane. It is available in weights ranging from 12 to 16 pounds and has RG values ranging from low to high, with medium differentials in between.

As a result, you can expect a mid-flare with a range of shot lengths to be available.
Because of its robust response in the middle of the lane, this one suffers a little on dry lanes. But it is also the best urethane bowling ball which makes you professional.



Strong carry-through

Not best for dry lanes

High back-end motion

Extra cost for drilling

Durable construction


3-year warranty


High hook potential


3. Hammer Purple Pearl

Hammer provides another variation of the ball response popular in the 1980s and 1990s after the Hammer Black Urethane bowling ball release. It is a Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball with a purple pearl finish.

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball has a coverstock made of pearl urethane with an Abralon matte surface finish, making it suited for medium to moderate oil alleys. Because it has a strong back-end finish, the manufacturers state that this ball is best suited for medium to dry conditions. However, it does not perform well on dry lanes.

As a result of the LED core design and the pearl urethane cover, this bowling ball provides excellent control throughout the whole short oil lane surface. Because of its purple pearl urethane coating, this ball has a beautiful appearance. In addition, as you throw it down the lanes, you will see that it has a smooth curve and an excellent hook.

Hammer Black Urethane against Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling balls is compared in that the Hammer Black Urethane reads just a bit too much in the front half of the lane. At the same time, in rolling whereas the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane can manage it.
If you’re looking for a bowling ball that can help you control your wild hook, this is the ball for you.



Pearl urethane coverstock

Not for dry lanes

Best for medium to moderate oil alleys

Extra cost for drilling

LED core design


A smooth curve


An excellent hook


4. Storm Mix

Storm Mix is an excellent ball for beginners and as a backup ball in your collection. When used in dry circumstances, it has been proven to be highly beneficial; significantly, its high grit value of 3500 makes it simple to handle on lanes with low friction levels, such as those seen in desert environments.

When used on oily lane conditions, Storm Mixes will hook considerably later than they would on dry lanes with more friction between your feet and the ground.

The ball is supplied with its center undrilled, resulting in a weight distribution that is considerably different from that of the drilled ball. The difference in RG can be as tiny as 0.006, and it has no significant impact on how the ball reacts to pressure or spins as it rolls down the lane during play.

Because the balls are initially undrilled, they do not behave the same way as their counterparts, which come with holes already punched out from drilling them for improved precision while playing.



Urethane coverstock

Not for oily lanes

Symmetrical Traditional 3-piece core

Not have a significant hook

3500 grit factory finish


Typical plastic spare ball


Best for dry lanes


Best for tweeners



5. Motiv Tank Purple

Among the Motiv, Purple Tank attributes are its flux core with an Rg of 2.57 and its maximum difference of 0.015 in 15 pounds. The purple urethane coating is then placed around the flux core to complete the look. This is your natural urethane; it is not a microcell in the traditional sense. This ball arises out of the box with a 1000-grit laser scan sand on its surface.

With the pin-down Purple Tank, I decided on a solid pin to route and a very high VAL (Vertical Axis Line) angle to make it seem as realistic as possible. Consequently, this ball will hook early and stop, and it will travel down the lane exceptionally smoothly.

The pin-up Motiv Purple Tank exhibits a strong desire to slow down and halt, which is a positive indication compared to the Desert Tank. The Desert Tank is adamant about continuing its journey. It gets to the end of the lane and drives away. Like other reactive resin balls or microcell balls, the pin-up ball does not make a boom down the lane as they do on other surfaces.

The Motive Purple, on the other hand, is a pin-down that is very smooth. It will allow you to play a little straighter and give you the original urethane form you are looking for.



Flux core

Not for heavy lane conditions

Purple urethane coverstock


It produces an early hook


1000 Grit LSS factory finish


6. Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball

With the Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball, manufacturers want to recreate the well-known ball response popular in the 1980s and 1990s. If you throw pure black balls on the lanes and see their lovely motion and back-end, as well as how they run in the over/under lane patterns, you will always have a fascinating sensation. Whether you are a hooker or a spinner, you will always have an exciting feeling.

The urethane cover performs best in lane patterns that are bone dry. Its traditional urethane coverstock, which has a rough 500 Abralon surface, allows it to regulate the smooth action on whole contemporary lanes, which is very useful.

This urethane ball can produce a powerful hook as well as a flawlessly smooth motion or backside. According to its prior form, this new one is far stronger and less susceptible to carrying as much weight as the old one.

Its coverstock is made entirely of solid urethane. It will be perfect for shorter patterns and dry lanes, as you will discover.

If you are a novice or simply someone who enjoys purchasing an old smooth ball for their collection, this urethane ball is a perfect choice for your needs.



Traditional urethane coverstock

Not for heavy oil lanes

Rough 500 Abralon surface


Produce a powerful hook


Best for dry lanes


7. Storm Fever Pitch

It was developed after rigorous testing and is essentially a development of the previous Storm models. The interior and exterior of the ball were remolded with fresh new technology to provide an old ball with a new spin, figuratively speaking!

The aggressive urethane coverstock imparts a compelling, angular hook to this ball, which will be well appreciated by urethane enthusiasts and advanced players who like a nonlinear style of play. This coverstock is supported by a revolutionary new Tour Block symmetrical core, which effectively means that the ball has no core at all. In place of that, it makes use of weight block technology.

New technologies would go a long way toward persuading those skeptical about urethane balls, with the inner substance of the ball balancing off the familiar subtlety of the coverstock, which produces a strong hook on lightly oiled lanes.

Based on the preceding situation, the ideal time to use Fever Pitch is when the lanes are dry or when you are bowling on a pattern where the back ends are incredibly fresh, and you want to have excellent controlled action.

It is important to note that the motion of this urethane bowling ball is different from that of the Pitch Black. The Fever Pitch is a little more down lane than Pitch Black, and it does not appear quite as early as Pitch Black.



Pwr + Ctrl cover stock

Not for oily lanes

2000 grit Abarlon factory finish


Symmetrical weight block core


Best for dry lanes


8. Brunswick U Motion

The Brunswick U-Motion has a deep dark purple body with a solid urethane coverstock and U-Motion core. Urethane is used for the cover. The finish is a 500-1000 Siaair micro pad, and it’s not reactive resin. At a weight of 15 pounds, the RG is 2.596, and the difference is 0.020.

An asymmetrical solid bowling ball, like this one, is made of rubber. It’s not uncommon to see a benchmark reaction when RG and Differential are combined, but that’s not the case here. Because it’s not made of reactive resin, it won’t be round as reactive resin bowling balls would be. The front is usually cleaner for reactive resins, while the back tends to be boomier.

U-Motion by Brunswick The urethane ball will likely begin rolling earlier than the True Motion, but it will last longer, and there may be some backward movement. Note that this ball features a dynamic core, which increases the hitting power coefficient of restitution by 12% higher than a static core ball. It has a default value of 1000 when you open the package.

As a bonus, this bowling ball may also serve as a spare. The Brunswick U-Motion Urethane Bowling Ball is an excellent alternative if you’d prefer not to use a plastic ball.



Simple to adjust

Unsuitable for high oil lanes

Best for dry lanes

Not pre-drilled

Symmetrical U-motion core


Urethane matte coverstock


Best for beginners


9. Roto-Grip Hot Cell

What happens when you adopt a ball to a core that has achieved legendary status since it was initially designed in the 1980s and has become a fan favorite? You will receive something that looks and feels similar to the Roto-Grip Hot Cell bowling ball in exchange.

Even though the traditional Nucleus core is asymmetric in name, it is symmetric in its continuous roll and motion, providing it with the solidity and dependability seen in the majority of urethane balls.

The urethane solid coverstock retains energy like no other urethane bowling ball on the market, delivering pin-splitting power and a long-lane game in the industry.

This ruthless pin-hitter is a favorite among novices and experts alike. It is a must-have for any bowling competition arsenal with a greater hooking capacity than its urethane counterparts.



High-flaring asymmetrical nucleus core

Not for high oil lanes

Urethane coverstock

Lack of strength

Best for dry lanes


A strong back-end action


Best for tweeners and pros


10. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball-Black/Purple Solid

Storm Mix Urethane bowling balls perform best on dry lanes since they are virtually completely solid urethanes. As a result, many bowlers use this ball as their strike ball of choice.

The Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball will be the perfect choice for people who enjoy a brightly colored replacement bowling ball because of its stunning visual appeal. There are two distinct colors available for the new mixed ones. They provide a more contemporary look to the Ice range of products.

The U1S first generation of Urethane coverstock is used in The Mix, the same as in the Polar Ice series. Compared to the U2S, which provides power for the famous natural series, the U1S is more robust and controlled because of its smaller size.

Using Storm Mix Urethane ball overlaying classic three-piece construction, predictability is enhanced, and longevity is ensured, which is impossible with any other type of construction.

This ball is designed to be used with lesser weights in terms of weight. In addition to the typical variants weighing 10 – 16 pounds, the Storm Mix ball now offers alternatives weighing 6 and 8 pounds, depending on the size.



U1S Urethane coverstock

Not for oily lanes

Typical plastic spare ball


Best for dry lanes


Best for tweeners


Two distinct colors


Final words

A return of the urethane bowling ball as the most popular kind is likely. When reactive bowling balls took over the lanes in the 2000s, they could have lost some of their market value. Urethane bowling balls are the newest craze, thanks to their improved performance, new core, and consistent handling.

Purchasing a good urethane bowling ball necessitates familiarity with the game, various ball types, and characteristics on various lanes. You’ll need a lot of patience to settle on the final option while evaluating all the factors against your demands and wants.

These qualities of the ball make it the best urethane bowling ball. The information in this blog is intended to help you choose the best urethane bowling ball for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for information about urethane bowling balls? Look no further! This FAQ covers topics such as how to choose the best urethane bowling ball, whether or not they absorb oil, the difference between solid and reactive resin bowling balls, what true urethane is, and which brands offer quality products. Read on to learn more!

A: Urethane bowling balls are a type of bowling ball made of a material called urethane, which provides a smooth and consistent motion on the lane.

A: Reactive resin bowling balls have a more aggressive reaction to the lane due to their porous coverstock, while urethane bowling balls have a smoother and more controlled reaction.

A: Urethane bowling balls provide bowlers with increased control and predictability on the lanes, especially on medium to light oil patterns.

A: The top 6 urethane bowling balls include: Storm Mix, Hammer Black Widow Urethane, Motiv Tank Rampage, Roto Grip Hustle Ink, Storm Pitch Black, and Brunswick Rhino.

A: When choosing a urethane bowling ball, consider factors such as the oil pattern on the lanes, your personal bowling style and skill level, and the ball’s coverstock and weight block.

A: Yes, urethane bowling balls do absorb oil over time, which can lead to decreased performance. It is important to regularly clean and maintain your urethane bowling ball to retain its original quality.

A: Solid urethane bowling balls do not have a reactive coverstock, meaning they provide a more predictable and consistent reaction to the lane compared to reactive resin bowling balls.

A: True urethane is a type of urethane coverstock that provides the purest form of urethane reaction on the lanes, with a smooth and controllable motion that is great for medium to light oil patterns.

A: The types of bowling balls available include plastic, urethane, reactive resin, and particle bowling balls.

A: The top brands for urethane bowling balls include Storm, Hammer, Motiv, Roto Grip, Brunswick, and Ebonite.