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10 Best Bowling Balls For Two-Handed Bowlers 2023 & 2024

Best Bowling Balls For 2 Handed Bowlers - Bowlingview

Bowlers who take their game seriously must understand the science behind the balls they use. It is not easy to perfect bowling technique and form without it. So, with bowling, you acquire a lot by testing and making mistakes.

You’ll need plenty of strength and energy to bowl a bowling ball. Before settling on a bowling ball, consider your options. Before tossing that massive sphere at your 10-pin target, ensure your gear, abilities, and strategies are perfect. As a two-handed bowler, your options are limited because straight and hook bowlers have more options. It is necessary to understand why selecting your ball is necessary to understand the difference it may make.

We have gathered the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers so that you may have the most enjoyable time possible. Professional bowling balls, on the other hand, do not have flawless specifications. However, before making a purchase, think about the fundamentals. Let’s now look at the best two-handed bowling balls available.

1. Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue

This bowling ball is capable of anything. It does everything more expertly, from firing a hook to curving. Bowling balls have a hard, polished exterior. This elevates your street cred by making you appear more cultured. A bowling ball’s aesthetic enhances one’s competitive appeal, mainly when used as a trophy.

The polyester cover material for the Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue is rigid. It’s even got a high-gloss shine to make it seem even better. This is the bowling ball for you if you have a low budget. There is nothing better than the fundamental qualities of this ball to boost your bowling abilities.

It is a great performer with a lot of valuable capabilities. The smallest size is appropriate for children and adults alike. These bowling balls are prepared in weights varying from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. Professionals and dedicated bowlers should use the heaviest ball, which weighs 16 pounds.

It does not have as many colors as our top pick; it is ideal for many people. Add some flair to your look by layering green and black paint on top of a glossy finish. Even in the dark, it’s brilliant and glides effortlessly without losing its course. Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue is the best bowling ball for two-handed and hooks bowlers.

Everything is made so much easier and lovely as a result of this! However, the polyester quality is a little lacking compared to higher-grade versions. After drilling, the ball’s surface may get chipped or cracked around the bored holes. Drilling this bowling ball doesn’t cost much, to put it another way. This bowling ball is already less than you’d typically pay.


  • Hard polished exterior
  • Low-budget bowling ball
  • Glossy finish
  • Best for two-handed bowlers
  • Produce more hook


  • Low-quality polyester design
  • Default color pattern

2. Pyramid Path

A reputable company manufactures the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball. First, it is reasonably priced and has a long useful life span. In addition, because of the wide variety of colors available, you will not feel the need to purchase anything else. It is available in nine vibrant color schemes that catch the eye. Silver and aqua, black and orange, and pink and green are just a few colors currently available for purchase.

Because this bowling ball is undrilled, you will have greater flexibility and usability. The more significant number of color options available allows for more customization options. If you want to point out something wrong with a colleague, there isn’t anything bad. That’s the best way to describe it: straightforward and convenient. The adaptable design and features of this bowling ball will initially draw your attention to it in the first place.

Sizes range from 6 pounds to 100 pounds, depending on the species, as much as 16 in some cases. The smallest size is available, up to 16 lbs. to meet your requirements. It is available for the use of the same bowling ball model as the previous one Design-wise, there is no difference between a 6-pound and a 16-pound version of the same product. This is when you want to purchase two different sizes of the same color.

Among the other unique characteristics are a standard 2-year warranty and a polyester cover stock. These features are simple to use, regardless of age or level of expertise. Because of these qualities, it is the best bowling ball for two-handed bowlers.



  • Not for professionals
  • Not best for oily lanes
  • Extra cost for drilling
  • Not pre-drilled

3. Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick is a world-renowned bowling ball manufacturer, and the Rhino Bowling Ball from Brunswick is no exception. It’s an excellent product to utilize because it’s dependable and long-lasting. Sizes range from 10 to 16 pounds and are offered in five colors. The ball has the edge over the competition in terms of hook potential. It has a positive critical impression on the scoring average. It’s also the best bowling ball for two-handed bowlers who are just learning how to bowl.

The Rhino logo and texture are well highlighted in the eye-catching design. There is a lot of weight distribution on this besides being adjustable. It’s stable and gives you reasonable control over your hand motions. Given that it’s resin, it’s well suited for intermediate-level performance. There’s a good chance you’ll like bowling with this ball for several reasons.
It’s made of high-quality materials, including the cover stock. The R-16 Reactive cover stock on this hook ball gives it a competitive edge. Because of this, it works well for both right- and left-handed bowlers alike. It’s also not difficult to drill the bowling ball so that it fits your hand perfectly.

Drilling is made more accessible since the material and finishing are easily penetrated. Additionally, it achieves all of this without sacrificing durability in the process. The main drawback to this bowling ball is that it won’t last as long as some other brands. It’s best for players of all skill levels, but don’t expect it to last forever.

Discovering the right bowling alley for you might be difficult if you’re an adult who has only recently taken up the sport. But don’t worry; the Brunswick Rhino will help you improve faster. A beginning bowling ball is never enough for an extreme amateur. You’ll require a performance level somewhere between light and medium.


  • R16 reactive coverstock
  • USBC approved
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Best for dry and medium oil condition


  • Not for heavy oil lanes
  • Less aggressive

4. Sportime UltraFoam Weighted Bowling Ball

There’s no denying that the Sportime UltraFoam bowling ball is the most affordable and lightest on the market. For the average casual bowler, it offers a flexible foam composition that is unmatched in the market. If you have difficulties using regular bowling balls, I propose that you try this bowling ball. A lightweight ball with improved grip capabilities is a good alternative for individuals who like a more lightweight ball.

Although it is already pre-drilled, the finger holes are enjoyable to grip. It is also not limited to any one age group. The finger holes are adjustable to the needs of everyone who is a casual bowler and make it the best bowling ball for two-handed bowlers.
Those who believe UltraFoam is soft and highly breathable for a bowling ball should rethink their assumptions. This bowling ball is the polar opposite of delicate in every way. It’s virtually solid and long-lasting.

The ball’s exceptional energy transmission and weight distribution make it an excellent choice for sports. This product is suitable for both youngsters and adults. Creating a bowling alley in your house is possible by using plastic bottles as pins. The lightweight foam combination does not harm or pierce walls or cause furniture to shatter. It is both safe and flexible in its use.


  • Most affordable and lightest ball
  • Already pre-drilled
  • Virtually solid and long-lasting.
  • Solid and long-lasting


  • Not for professionals
  • Not outdoor-friendly

5. Pyramid Antidote

The Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball features a durable reactive coverstock that is GPS navigable for added convenience. We owe our solid hold and traction on medium-oiled lanes to the 2000grit Abralon, contributing to good grip and gripping power. Professional and beginning bowlers alike will be drawn to the polished finish of the bowling ball because of its attractive appearance.

Pyramid Antidote has a very high hook potential and is available in weights ranging from 12-16lbs. It also has a more prominent flare ability to spin the ball even when the lane is thoroughly slippery, which is an advantage in this situation.

It comes with a 2-year limited warranty that may be extended. The ball itself has a great degree of stability. There’s no way you’ll refer to it as a “mass piece of plastic” because it isn’t. The symmetric core beats other core types regarding traction and pirouette, making it one of the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers available on the market.


  • GPS navigational solid coverstock
  • 2000 grit Abralon surface finish
  • Best for medium-to-heavy oil
  • RG differential core
  • Best for left-handers


  • Not best for dry lanes

6. Storm Pitch Black

We’ve returned to Storm and returned to the Urethane coverstock. The 1000-grit pad polishes it to a mirror-like finish. However, this is only applicable under light-oiled lane conditions. Its symmetrical capacitor core provides tremendous pin impact when the bowler throws the ball, propelling it to the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers worldwide.

There is just one color option available to bowlers when choosing this bowling ball, but selecting the pitch-black hue is a fantastic decision in and of itself. Its performance depends entirely on the amount of friction present and the presence of dry lane conditions. A lighter oiled lane can impact its performance like any other oiled lane.

Weight choices are available in the range of 12-16 lbs, with a one-year guarantee that may be extended. It has a moderate flare potential for the lane-condition choices that are available.


  • Covered in ultra-durable urethane
  • A durable design
  • Great control on short oil lanes
  • Very consistent in performance


  • Not for large oil lanes
  • It collects lots of oil

7. Storm Tropical Breeze

With its reactive hybrid pearl coverstock, the Storm Tropical Breeze is a tropic-themed piece of merchandise. This is due to the 1500-grit polished surface, which provides the expected grip on medium-dry courses. As long as you throw with the most hook potential possible, the asymmetrical core’s increased hook potential makes it simpler to spin and clear out the desired pins in a single throw.

This Storm Tropical Breeze bowling ball, one of the best for two-handed bowlers, is available in just two color options. A black solid and a cherry red solid are both available. The Abralon 4000 grit produces a polished appearance that you may like.
Because of its modest flare potential, it is ideal for medium-sized lanes to play on. It is, however, a feeble one. The coverstock, core, and product are weak, with a greater likelihood of denting and breaking.


  • Symmetrical, bulb-shaped camber
  • An attractive design
  • Attractive carbon-chrome pearl design
  • Best for beginners
  • Suitable for dry lanes


  • Not for oily lanes
  • Extra cost for drilling

8. Storm Physix Bowling Ball

Storm Physix Bowling Ball deserves to be included in the best storm bowling balls for two-handed bowlers because it performs admirably. The Storm Physix bowling ball is built with an Abralon of 3000 grit to give you the best possible source for highly oiled alleys. Heavy-oil patterns have a smooth reaction to lanes, but the response becomes coarse when the lane is dry.

Because of its handcrafted design and increased flare potential, its NRG hybrid reactive coverstock communicates with lanes as if they were designed for each other. This ball is suitable for all players, including beginners and experts, by featuring weight variations ranging from 12 to 16 pounds. This is, without suspicion, one of the best bowling balls for two-handed bowlers.

But, there is no item as a perfect solution. Even this bandit has differences when it comes to acute angles. When oil degrades, the breakpoint becomes too smooth, which indicates that it has reached its limit. Furthermore, at this time, playing with a flawless bowling ball will have little to no influence on your overall performance. As previously stated, this bowling ball has no adverse impacts on dry conditions. We were aware of the flaws, yet the sweetness of the situation bound me to it.


  • Abralon of 3000 grit
  • Best for heavy oil lanes
  • NRG hybrid reactive coverstock
  • Best for two-handed bowlers


  • Not for dry lanes

9. Storm Crux Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Crux Pearl Bowling Ball is a great tool to have as a backup for those needing one. There are just two weights available: 12 lb and 13 lb. The Catalyst core design provides incredibly high levels of strength and motion stability. The overall lane grip improves when used in conjunction with the ERG Pearl Reactive cover stock.


The Storm Crux Pearl bowling ball is ideal for those who cannot use any other bowling ball due to their physical condition. In terms of design, it appears to change color in low light. In other words, the bowling ball is naturally iridescent.

The bowling ball has the potential to improve both your performance and your overall achievement. The only problem is that the sizes are incorrect. The lack of size alternatives is a huge letdown.

Consider sliding in the middle of the lane when there is a lot of oil on the road. This bowling ball is the only one that will work. This is the best for you if you want a powerful backend reaction. Cover material also provides stability and control over mid-lane results.

We have also completed a review of the > Storm Crux Prime bowling balls


  • Catalyst core design
  • ERG Pearl Reactive cover stock
  • Powerful backend reaction
  • Ideal for throwing hooks
  • Best for two-handed bowlers


  • Lack of sizes
  • Not for dry lanes

10. Hammer Black Widow Legend

Suppose you have a low budget and are searching for a low-cost device for practice; this is not your option. According to several experts, the Hammer Black Widow is the most delicate bowling ball available and one of the best for two-handed bowlers.

This ball is best suited for experts, weighing 12 and 16 pounds. As a result of its gas mask core, which provides flexibility and backside grip, it is not recommended for hook bowlers and is thus considered one of the finest bowling balls for two-handed bowlers.

There are just a few different sizes available for this bowling ball. Furthermore, the lightest ones are not ideal for beginners to learn to play with. If you’re looking for a lightweight bowling ball, you might be disappointed with what this one offers.

The Hammer Black Widow is not intended for use by amateurs or newcomers to the game. It works best on well-oiled surfaces, and it takes a lot of effort and patience over time to become unbeatable in this area.


  • Glossy polyester coverstock
  • Gas Mask core
  • Best for dry lanes
  • Aggressive ball
  • Great hook potential


  • Not for oily lanes
  • Extra cost for drilling

Final Words

The most critical part of equipment in this game is the bowling ball. However, your focus, attire, abilities, and performance all play essential parts in which your ball can only play a tiny part. Testing with various bowling balls and surfaces improves your core impressions and depictions. Thus investing in the best two-handed bowling ball is well worth the money.

If you want the best bowling for two-handed bowlers, then Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is the best option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about two-handed bowling, including whether it is legal and what advantages it offers.

Using two hands to hold a bowling ball gives you additional control, improving performance on varied lanes. This is because it is beneficial to have one hand supporting while the other executes the release to generate adequate force for your throws rather than depending on only one arm.

Some individuals object that the two-handed technique is unethical or even against the law. The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) conducted an early investigation into the matter and found that the two-handed technique does not violate any sport’s regulations.

When throwing the first ball, throwing with two hands has a significant advantage if you manage your hook. Most two-handed bowlers who have worked on this technique toss the ball hard, and when it hits the pocket, it produces some incredible pin motion.

The majority of two-handed bowlers have a good slide. I’ve only ever seen one person plant their sliding foot. Footwork and timing are essential in one-handed bowling, as in other sports.

Tilting the spine (bending over at the waist) to an optimum angle of 75-80 degrees is recommended.