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10 Best Storm Bowling Balls Of 2023 & 2024 (Top Picks)

Best Storm Bowling Balls

Bowling is a recreational activity that has swiftly gained popularity because it is simple to learn and play. When you have all of the required equipment, you can’t go wrong when you’re bowling.

As a result, a small number of well-known manufacturers have been creating high-quality bowling accessories for decades to put things right for you. A storm is one of the top-tier firms that have joined forces.

A storm is well-known for manufacturing a wide variety of accessories for both novice and professional bowlers. Every day, they come out with new and exciting items to keep up with the growing demand. In our judgment, Storm IQ Tour Emerald is among the 10 Best Storm Bowling Balls.

We’ll be talking about their bowling balls today, so stay tuned. There is no doubt that they have produced a series of high-quality bowling balls, but each has a distinct advantage over the others. Keep in mind; it’s time to look at some of the best Storm bowling balls the company has ever made.

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1. Storm IQ Tour Emerald

With this one, the article is relatively straightforward. In reality, it’s a reimagining of the late famous IQ Tour Pearl, often known as the Gold Bowl. Compared to earlier models, this ball’s R2S pearl reactive coverstock and lightweight C3 centripetal control core make for a smoother direction down the lane.

It’s a relatively Rolly and smooth ball, but the pattern makes it slightly more aggressive. Even with my gentle touch, the angles from the second arrow were a little difficult to master, but I eventually succeeded. Moving inside, this is one of the reasons why I liked the arrangement so much.

The mid-lane was effectively managed by this core and cover combination. With a weaker layout and a cleaner through the heads, it begins to roll heavily halfway down the lane and eventually becomes uncontrollable. Because of the slight difference in IQ, there is a limit to how far you can go with an IQ test.


  • Pearl reactive coverstock
  • Medium flare potential
  • Centripetal Control Core (C3)
  • Melon mint scent
  • One-year ball warranty


  • No pre-drilled holes
  • Not for Longer oil patterns

2. Storm Astrophsyx Bowling Ball

Storm AstroPhysix is another best bowling balls developed by Storm and released to the market. At the second arrow, it looked as good as anybody could have hoped for.

Most of this is attributable to the cover design, a critical point to emphasize here. The original, the Physix, is an NRG hybrid with a strong, early-acting, smooth cover composition that is an excellent choice for men.

The astrophysics is equipped with an R2S Pearl, essentially the opposite of NRG. It is clean down the lane and the most sensitive cover to friction that has ever been produced. As a result, it is an excellent companion to the Physix. Something I am confident I would not have been able to say if it had been NRG pearl.

Despite the straighter angle, you can maintain a slower pace and roll the ball, primarily due to the cover’s cleanliness.


  • An NRG hybrid cover
  • Strong hook potential
  • Very clean and angular ball
  • Strong backend motion


  • Extra cost for drilling
  • Drilling from the pro shop

3. Storm HY-Road Pearl

It’s been seven years since the Hy-Road Pearl debuted, and there’s a good reason for it. The inverted FE2 core was covered with a Pearl version of the R2S cover, drawing influence from the Hy-Road.

Since its hybrid cover stock, the Hy-Road is known as the “Hy-Road,” but the Pearl Hy-Road is rightfully called such because it is a Pearl Hy-Road. Smooth and effortless down the lane, this ball has a lot of power and is highly consistent.

While the original Hy-Road may be compared to the Pearl, there are a few differences. For one, the Pearl is a bit slower off friction and has two to three boards with a less overall hook than the original.

With its sharp arc, it appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. As far as ball reactions go, this is one that I’m looking for. At the bottom of the lane, I can grab Storm Hy-Road Pearl and ensure that whoever is traveling down the lane will make the turn.

The Hy-Road Pearl may be easily aligned with a few simple modifications. As a result, it is a viable option for most bowlers in those circumstances. Only a handful of bowls can claim the same level of playability from the first arrow as it does from the fifth under the right circumstances.

There is nothing unique or exciting about the Storm Hy-Road Pearl. However, even though the ball seems and smells great, it does not appear to perform very well in the lane. As it floats down the lane, it begins to move, and the pins start to fall.


  • R2S Hybrid cover
  • Best for medium oil lane conditions
  • Excellent grip on the lane
  • Inverted FE2 core
  • Smooth breakpoint


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Supports only oily lane conditions

4. Storm HY Road X

This new addition to Storm’s Hy-Road bowling ball line is a fantastic improvement over the previous model. It is based on Storms Fe2 technology, which provides a greater RG and differential than previous models. Because of its R2X solid reactive coverstock and 1500 grit polished factory finish, it is exceptionally durable.

In contrast to other balls, Hy-Road X does not include any core material, which is a beneficial feature. A thicker shell is formed around the ball, which results in more energy transmission to the pins and less deflection upon impact. The Hy-Road Pearl has a more remarkable form resemblance but is far faster on the rear end.

It is cleaner through the fronts but faster on friction, sharper, and straighter on the rear end than the standard road surface. However, unlike its predecessors, the Hy-Road X does not appear to feature the characteristic Hy-Road cliff.

After a certain point, you must start looping around it and slowing down when going left. It will rev and allow you to proceed through the pins. That is because the RG is exceptionally high and naturally desires to remain there for an extended period. However, it did not reach that stage with this particular one.


  • Storms Fe2 technology
  • R2X solid reactive coverstock
  • 1500 grit polished factory finish
  • Eye-catching looks
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for heavy oil lanes

5. Storm Sure Lock Bowling Ball

Storm Sure Lock is one of the best storm bowling balls you will ever toss, and it is also one of the best durable ones. It was startling to witness how this ball starts so early and maintains its appearance down the lane.

This heavy oil ball featuring a RAD-X core and a large hooking bulb provides steady continuation down the lane and more excellent pin carry than the competition. It slows down without consuming any energy and responds extremely effectively to friction.

Sure-Lock can be rolled a little flat on a medium to heavy oil pattern if the pattern is medium to heavy, so you can use the ball a little more to the right.

In addition to being the same color as Virtual Gravity, the ball has an incredible visual impact on the shelf. What I don’t understand is why you don’t like this ball.


  • Rad-X Core
  • High carry percentage
  • Flare potential of 6 inches
  • Best for medium lanes
  • 2000 grit Abarlon


  • Improper for heavy oil lanes
  • Not pre-drilled

6. Storm Pro Motion

First introduced on the Storm Crux Prime, this heavy oil ball features a solid spec cover. Aside from that, the Pro Motion differs significantly from the previous two BELMO balls, the Timeless and the Drive, thanks to its newly developed lightweight piston core.

The Storm Pro Motion, on the other hand, provides the polar opposite sensation. It has the feel of a mix of the Phaze Two, the IDOL, and the IQ Tour, or at the very least, it is in the same vein as those games.

It is a bit as flexible as the Phaze Two, if not more so, in design. However, it strongly emphasizes control and continuance, and its greatest strength comes from the specification cover. It appears to have combined all of the most significant characteristics from the previous balls.

The cover conveys more information about the lane than any other cover I have used. As a result, it perfectly complements the pattern. It is not nearly as sensitive to transition as other balls in its category.

Storm Pro Motion is more resistant to performance loss than standard reactive paints because it absorbs oil at a much slower pace than traditional reactive paints and has a characteristic known as chemical adhesion that helps it blend the lane out.


  • Solid spec cover
  • Lightweight piston core
  • Hook is perfect
  • Smooth ball motion
  • Perfect for two-handers
  • Best for heavy oil


  • Not suitable for dry lanes
  • Extra cost for drilling

7. Storm Physix Bowling Ball

Storm physics is one of the best storm bowling balls, and it will undoubtedly assist you in getting your game to the top level. In addition to being one of the latest additions to Storm’s high-end line, the PhysiX promises better performance.

This bowling ball is a game-changer, featuring Storm’s innovative Atomic asymmetrical core design, covered in an NRG Hybrid Reactive cover and finished with a 3000 Abralon finish. The asymmetric cores produce a significant amount of track flare. As a result, it is an excellent choice for expert players who want to improve their abilities further.

When the Storm PhysiX gets going, it quickly and with highly aggressive movement down the lane. This ball is ideal for greasy lanes since it has little friction and so performs well. Thus, it glides along an oily road with the smoothness of butter. It can easily cut through grease and provide grip on slippery surfaces.

It is versatile, available in five sizes ranging from 12 pounds to 16 pounds. It is recommended that intermediate players use lighter bowling ball variations to enhance their performance, while professional players should use heavier variants for maximum performance.

If you think about it, you’ve never bought gold with nickel, so it’s not unreasonable. It offers outstanding hooking potential and long-lasting durability commensurate with the high price tag.


  • Abralon of 3000 grit
  • Best for heavy oil lanes
  • NRG hybrid reactive coverstock
  • Best for two-handed bowlers


  • Not for dry lanes

8. Storm Drive

The Storm Drive is the Golden Standard for skilled bowlers who want a high-quality bowling ball to improve their game. The Storm Drive is robust and reliable with its Dual-Drive symmetrical core design encased in the new R2S shell.

Regarding movement, this ball is very smooth and picks up well in the middle of the court. It doesn’t snap too hard on the rear, making it highly controlled and predictable in its behavior and movement. Because of its symmetrical design, this cover has a high hit rate and will strike with minimum effort.

The Storm Drive provides a high reaction rate, making it an excellent choice for anyone who drives at a reasonable rev rate. It is available in five different weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs to accommodate the demands of all types of bowlers. It comes with a 3000 Abarlon grit finish that glides down the alley like butter right out of the package.

It has a great deal of hooking potential. Therefore, it is particularly well suited to advanced and intermediate-level players seeking equipment to help them improve their performance. Although the pricing appears to be a little on the high side, it is worth the extra money invested when considering the performance it delivers.


  • High-quality R2S Nano Hybrid
  • Brusque appearance
  • Best for mid-lane conditions
  • Best for beginner left-handers


  • Not dry lane conditions

9. Storm Super Soniq

The Storm Soniq is also one of the best storm bowling balls now available on the market, and it will elevate your game to a new level of performance. The Soniq is one of Storm’s most anticipated products, owing to the enormous popularity of the IQ lines before its debut.

Featuring a Centripetal HD symmetric core covered in R2S Pearl Reactive coverstock, the Soniq is a high-performance speaker. The Centripetal HD is a colossal piece of equipment. As a result, it is one of the densest cores Storm has ever created, with an RG of just 2.47 and a differential of 0.047. It is a hefty rolling ball that necessitates the significant difference provided by the high differential.

One of the essential characteristics of this ball is its high level of controlling consistency, combined with a fantastic response time. Because of its R2S coverstock, the Soniq continues to rev and roll as soon as it enters the travel lane. If you’re a straighter player, this ball may not be the best option because it has exceptional hooking ability, making it an excellent choice for experienced players who want to hook the ball.

The Soniq has been mainly developed for games with lower revs and more incredible speeds. It is available in five different sizes from 12lbs to 16lbs and to accommodate players with various playing styles and body types.


  • Centripetal HD symmetric core
  • R2S Pearl Reactive Coverstock
  • Many size options
  • Aesthetic looks


  • A bit pricey

10. Storm Intense

Storm Intense is the best option to increase your game’s intensity. Additionally, if you are a fan of the Code series, this would be the best option for you. It has excellent response time and glides through the front and middle lanes like butter, even when subjected to angular movements in the front and center lanes.

The Storm intensity has a Rad-E asymmetrical core with R3S Pearl Reactive coverstock polished to a 1500 grit finish. The asymmetric core produces a significant track flare even when the pin-to-PAP distance is lengthy. It has tremendous power, and it will have a significant influence on the pins when used.

RG is 2.49′′, and the overall differential is 0.050′′, with an intermediate differential of 0.017′′. It also has a low RG of 2.49′′, with a differential total of 0.050′′. It is available in five distinct sizes varying from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. With its outstanding hooking potential, this ball is intended for use by experts only. It performs admirably on heavy and medium oil lanes, among other things. If you participate in the Leagues, this ball will be your most reliable buddy during the season.

When it comes to appearances, the Storm Intense is a reasonably good-looking machine. It is available in various green hues combined, with the same look in every color. That said, there isn’t any color variation, which might disappoint those who love wearing something distinctive.


  • Rad-E asymmetrical core
  • R3S Pearl Reactive Coverstock
  • 1500 grit finish
  • Best for advanced-level players


  • Not many colors variations


Bowling is an enjoyable game that can be enjoyed by people of various ages, genders, and ability levels. Strom Bowling Balls are of the highest quality, and we have chosen the best storm bowling balls from among their contributions. Players at an expert or intermediate level who wish their performance to be stepped up may consider the items on our shortlist.

They come at a high cost, but we can guarantee they provide an outstanding benefit for money in price-to-performance proportion. Grab hold of the model that best matches your needs, and prepare to rule this bowling season like a boss!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For those looking for more information about the Storm Intense Bowling Ball, here are some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

For over a decade, the Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball has been destroying pins and earning recognition as one of the best bowling balls in the market.

With a debut date of 2008, the Storm Hy-Road has maintained an unprecedented sales rate at just under $130.00, making it a great value ball for players looking for a mid-performance ball at a low price.

The coverstock of the bowling balls is made of urethane, and it is possible to have up to three different colors on a single ball.

As a result of how the mix is poured into the mold, each Storm bowling ball has a distinct and unpredictable design.

Cherry, lemon, and chocolate are among the more popular scents added to the liquid used to form the ball’s 1- to 1-1/2-inch shell. Because many bowlers hold the ball close to their noses at the lane, the smells can aid in focus, according to Kloempken.

Once they have established a strong basis of their physical game, intermediate bowlers can utilize a urethane ball to make a small, controlled hooking action with a urethane ball.

When using a urethane ball, you can make tiny movements to adjust to the lane condition, but you will only have limited hook capability.