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What IS No Tap Bowling?

What IS No Tap Bowling - Bowlingview

No Tap Bowling is an exciting variant of the traditional game of bowling that lowers the bar for scoring a strike, hence making the game more enjoyable for beginners and those seeking a more casual experience.

In this version, knocking down 9 pins on the first roll is counted as a strike, unlike standard bowling, where all 10 pins must be toppled to score a strike. This alteration not only changes the dynamics of the game but also makes it more accessible to a wider range of players.

The Origin of No Tap Bowling

Diving into the rich history of No Tap Bowling, we explore its roots, observe its evolution, and understand how this variant has become a beloved game among enthusiasts worldwide.

Historical Background and Development of No Tap Bowling

The precise origins of No Tap Bowling remain somewhat elusive. However, it is believed to have been introduced as an alternative format in bowling tournaments in the United States during the mid-20th century.

The primary goal was to level the playing field for amateur bowlers and make the tournaments more enjoyable and less intimidating for them. This adaptation allowed a more diverse range of participants, broadening the appeal of bowling.

Over the decades, No Tap Bowling has gained popularity, not only as a tournament format but also as a fun variation for casual play in bowling centers worldwide. Its growth reflects the sport’s evolution and constant effort to remain accessible and entertaining for all.

Understanding No Tap Bowling Rules

Diving into the exciting world of No Tap Bowling requires a firm grasp of its unique rules. Let’s unravel the distinct elements that set this variation apart from traditional bowling, making it an appealing choice for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Explanation of the basic rules

In No Tap Bowling, the basic rules remain similar to traditional ten-pin bowling, with the primary difference lying in the scoring of strikes. A player is awarded a strike if they knock down at least 9 pins with their first roll of the ball in a frame, rather than having to knock all 10 pins as in standard bowling.

The rest of the frame proceeds as normal – if pins are left standing after the first roll, players have a second opportunity to knock down the remaining pins for a spare.

Like standard bowling, the game consists of ten frames, and players can score a maximum of 300 points in a perfect game. This modification in the rules allows for more strikes and higher scores, making the game more exciting and encouraging for novice players.

Differences between No Tap Bowling and traditional bowling

While No Tap Bowling and traditional bowling share many similarities, the key difference lies in their scoring systems. In traditional ten-pin bowling, a strike is only awarded when all ten pins are knocked down with the first ball of a frame.

However, in No Tap Bowling, knocking down nine pins with the first ball is also considered a strike, thus allowing for higher scores and more frequent strikes.

This variation in rules often results in a faster-paced game and generally yields higher final scores compared to traditional bowling.

Yet, the fundamental skills required – accuracy, consistency, and strategy – are consistent across both formats. The primary difference in No Tap Bowling serves to make the game more accessible and engaging, particularly for beginners or casual players seeking a more forgiving and exciting game.

Benefits of No Tap Bowling

No Tap Bowling, apart from being an exhilarating and enjoyable game, offers a host of benefits that contribute to enhancing one’s bowling skills and overall experience. Let’s explore the multifaceted advantages of participating in No Tap Bowling.

Advantages of Playing No Tap Bowling

No Tap Bowling offers several enjoyable benefits that can appeal to bowling enthusiasts of all skill levels. First and foremost, it provides a more relaxed game environment.

The modified scoring system, which considers knocking down nine pins as a strike, makes the game less daunting and more forgiving for beginners, helping them build confidence and enjoy the game.

Moreover, this version of bowling can be a fun way to practice and improve your skills. The higher occurrence of strikes can boost morale and encourage players to fine-tune their strategies and techniques while still emphasizing the importance of accuracy and consistency.

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Additionally, No Tap Bowling encourages more social interaction. The faster pace, combined with the excitement of more frequent strikes, fosters a lively, communal atmosphere that can enhance the overall bowling experience.

It becomes less about fierce competition and more about enjoying a great time with friends or family. This makes No Tap Bowling an ideal choice for social events and gatherings.

Finally, it’s worth noting that No Tap Bowling can also make the game more exciting for spectators. The increased possibility of strikes and higher scores can make for thrilling viewing, potentially attracting more fans to the sport.

How to Excel at No Tap Bowling

Mastering the art of No Tap Bowling is an exhilarating journey that combines precision, strategy, and continuous learning. Here are some essential tips and techniques to help you excel at this unique and fun-filled variant of traditional bowling.

Strategies and Tips for Success in No Tap Bowling

To excel in No Tap Bowling, it’s important to focus on a few key strategies. First, aim for consistency. Even though nine pins count as a strike, developing a consistent throw is crucial for achieving higher scores. Practice your release and aim to hit the pocket consistently.

Second, don’t overlook your spare game. While strikes are more common in No Tap, spares are still a significant part of the game. Practice your spare shots to ensure you can pick up any remaining pins.

Third, use the right equipment. Choose a bowling ball that fits comfortably in your hand and matches your bowling style. Also, wearing the correct footwear can enhance your stability and sliding ability during your approach.

Finally, enjoy and learn from each game. No Tap Bowling is designed to be fun and less stressful, so use it as an opportunity to experiment with different techniques and strategies. Reflect on your games and learn from your mistakes to continuously improve.

Where to Play No Tap Bowling

No Tap Bowling can be enjoyed at a variety of locations and platforms. Many traditional bowling alleys and recreational centers host No Tap Bowling tournaments or have certain days dedicated to No Tap games.

Websites like BowlingDigital and BowlingThisMonth often list upcoming No Tap tournaments and events, making it easy for players to find opportunities near them.

In the digital world, platforms like PBA Bowling Challenge and Bowling King offer No Tap Bowling modes, allowing aficionados to enjoy the game virtually. Always remember to check the specific rules at each venue, as they may differ slightly.


In summary, No Tap Bowling is an exciting variant of traditional bowling that emphasizes accuracy and consistency. To excel in No Tap Bowling, remember four key strategies: perfect your throw to hit the pocket consistently, do not neglect your spare game, choose the right equipment for your style and comfort, and learn from each game to continuously improve.

You can enjoy No Tap Bowling at a variety of locations, both physically at bowling alleys and recreational centers, as well as digitally on platforms like PBA Bowling Challenge and Bowling King. Always check the specific rules at each venue, as they can differ slightly.

No Tap Bowling is not only fun but also a less stressful way to enjoy and learn the intricacies of bowling.

Embrace the Thrill: Dive into No Tap Bowling Today!

Don’t hesitate to dive into the thrilling world of No Tap Bowling! It’s a welcoming environment for beginners to learn and for experienced bowlers to polish their skills.

The game’s unique rules offer more opportunities for strikes, providing an added layer of excitement and a boost of confidence.

No Tap Bowling is not just about winning—it’s a journey of constant learning, improvement, and most importantly, fun. So why wait? Grab your bowling shoes, hit the lanes, and experience the exhilarating game of No Tap Bowling today!


In the following section, we’ll delve into some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding No Tap Bowling. This will help clarify any uncertainties you might have and aid in optimizing your bowling experience.

No-tap bowling is a variation of the standard ten-pin bowling game. In this no-tap format, a bowler will get a strike for knocking down nine or more pins instead of the usual need to knock down all ten pins.

In 9-pin no-tap bowling, the scoring rules are mostly similar to ten-pin bowling.

However, if a bowler knocks down at least nine pins, the frame is scored as a strike. This can dramatically increase a player’s bowling average.

Yes, no-tap bowling can be used in a league environment.

Many local bowling alleys often set up no-tap leagues or no-tap events, providing a fun and different challenge than regular bowling.

Yes, a nine-pin game refers to nine-pin no-tap bowling. This is a variation of traditional pin bowling, where a bowler will receive a strike for knocking down at least nine pins.

“Try no-tap” is often a suggestion for bowlers, to try the no-tap format. This format is considered less stressful and more fun as it doesn’t require knocking down all ten pins for a strike.

Yes, many local bowling alleys host no-tap events and tournaments. This common form of no-tap bowling appeals to a wide range of bowlers as it provides a different challenge.

Yes, a “suicide no-tap” is one variation of the no-tap bowling game. In this particular format, a bowler must knock down exactly nine pins on their first roll to score a strike.

A: As a bowler gets a strike for knocking down nine or ten pins in the no-tap format, many aim for a perfect 300 game.

However, the no-tap average of each bowler can vary depending on various factors, such as their skill level and experience.

The difference between these two types of no-tap bowling lies in the number of pins that need to be knocked down for a strike.

In a 9-pin no-tap, a bowler scores a strike by knocking down at least nine pins. In contrast, in a seven-pin no-tap, a bowler would score a strike by knocking down at least seven pins.

No-tap bowling is a great way to make bowling more approachable for beginners while still challenging for experienced players.

Its relaxed scoring format can help encourage new players to learn bowling while providing a unique challenge in pro-am tournaments or leagues for seasoned bowlers.