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Ufo Alert Bowling Ball Review

Ufo Alert Bowling Ball Review - Bowlingview

Welcome to our detailed review of the Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball – the newest sensation that’s causing quite a stir in the bowling world. This feature-packed ball promises to take your game to another dimension, offering phenomenal control and powerful impact.

Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals, it’s designed to elevate the bowling experience and enhance performance.

Read on as we delve into the UFO Alert Bowling Ball’s exciting attributes, why it’s worth every penny, and how it’s revolutionizing the bowling arena. Buckle up – this is going to be an exciting ride!

Product Specifications

The UFO Alert Bowling Ball is not just another bowling ball; it’s a game-changer. Its features have been meticulously designed to take your performance to another level!

Detailed Explanation of the Product Features

The Coverstock on this bowling ball is an e-Trax Hybrid Reactive type. What does this mean for your game? Well, the e-Trax Hybrid Reactive is known for its capability to deliver a perfect blend of power and control.

It offers an ideal balance between the porous, aggressive nature of solid reactive coverstocks and the clean, back-end motion of pearl reactive coverstocks. This translates into a smoother, more predictable lane reaction, allowing you to strike with confidence!

The Core of the UFO Alert Ball is the E.T. Core. The E.T. (Equalizer Technology) Core was designed to combat the heavier oil conditions in modern bowling lanes. This innovative core technology ensures that the ball maintains a steady path and doesn’t lose energy as it travels down the lane, improving your chances of a strike!

The Finish of the UFO Alert Bowling Ball is a 1500-grit Polished finish. This means that the surface of the ball is smooth enough to glide fluidly down the lane, yet textured enough to hook aggressively when it encounters the friction at the back end of the lane. This finish contributes to the ball’s outstanding lane performance and striking power.

The significance of each feature and its effect on the game

The features of the Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball are meticulously engineered to enhance game performance. The hybrid reactive coverstock is an incredible asset, providing a much smoother and more predictable reaction on the lanes, which boosts your strike rate.

Its ideal balance between aggressiveness and clean back-end motion results in the precision and power that every bowler craves for.

The E.T. Core, or the Equalizer Technology Core, on the other hand, is a game-changer in the face of heavy oil conditions. Its design helps maintain a steady path, preserving the ball’s energy as it travels, thereby enhancing your chances of landing a strike. The core’s stability is a boon for bowlers, ensuring consistency in performance.

Finally, the 1500-grit polished finish, while providing a visually appealing surface, offers a dual performance advantage.

It allows the ball to glide effortlessly on the lane but also facilitates an aggressive hook when it hits the lane’s friction.

This balance of fluid movement and aggressive reaction boosts the ball’s overall lane performance and striking power, making the UFO Alert Bowling Ball a must-have in every bowler’s arsenal.

In-depth Analysis of the E.T. Core

Let’s dive deeper into the mechanics of the E.T. Core, dissecting its unique features to further understand how this revolutionary technology boosts the performance of the UFO Alert Bowling Ball.

Explanation of the E.T. Core and Equalizer Technology

The E.T. Core, an abbreviation for Equalizer Technology Core, is the heart of the UFO Alert Bowling Ball. This innovative technology is designed to maximize the bowling ball’s performance by maintaining a steady path in heavy oil conditions. It achieves this by effectively equalizing the weight distribution within the ball, counteracting the tendency for the ball to deviate from its path due to uneven or heavy oil patterns on the lane.

Benefits of the E.T Core in improving ball motion and game performance

The E.T. Core brings an unparalleled advantage to your game. By maintaining a steady, predictable path, it helps to preserve the ball’s energy for a more powerful impact with the pins. This consistency in ball motion significantly increases your strike potential.

Furthermore, it enhances the bowling ball’s reaction to lane’s friction, resulting in a stronger hook potential. Overall, the E.T. Core technology can help bowlers of all skill levels to elevate their game performance, providing a blend of power, precision, and predictability.

User Reviews and Ratings

Delving into the real-world experiences of users, we now turn our attention to the reviews and ratings of the UFO Alert Bowling Ball. These firsthand accounts give us unique and valuable insights into the ball’s performance outside the lab and on the lanes, straight from the bowlers who’ve put it to the test.

Summary of user reviews and ratings

The UFO Alert Bowling Ball has received a wave of positive reviews from the bowling community, boasting an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Users have lauded the ball’s exceptional performance, especially in heavy oil conditions.

Many have expressed satisfaction with the ball’s predictable path, robust impact, and increased strike potential facilitated by the E.T. Core technology.

Personal experiences and testimonies from users

Bowling enthusiast, John, shared his excitement, “It’s like this ball has a mind of its own! The way it maintains a steady path and delivers such a powerful impact, it’s truly a game-changer!” Sara, a professional bowler, also praised its performance, stating, “The UFO Alert Bowling Ball has significantly improved my game. The power and precision it delivers is just unmatched!” Such testimonies echo the tremendous benefits users are experiencing with this remarkable bowling ball.


The UFO Alert Bowling Ball has largely impressed with its performance. The majority of users have praised its superior control, powerful impact, and the E.T. Core technology’s potential to increase strikes – especially in heavy oil conditions.

The ball’s predictability and consistency are definite pros. However, a minor drawback noted by a few users is its slightly higher price tag compared to other bowling balls in the market. Despite that, the unique capabilities and the significant improvements in gameplay seem to justify the investment for most.

Given the overwhelmingly positive responses and the minor con of cost, we wholeheartedly recommend the UFO Alert Bowling Ball for both amateurs and experienced bowlers.

Its game-enhancing attributes are likely to bring more joy and success to your bowling experience. Despite the slightly higher investment, the performance benefits of this ball make it well worth considering.


To wrap up, the Roto Grip UFO Alert Bowling Ball has proven to be a phenomenal addition to the bowling world. Its distinctive E.T. Core technology, superior control, and powerful impact have caught the attention of bowlers across skill levels.

Even in heavy oil conditions, it outshines its competitors by drastically increasing strike potential. The consistent predictability of the ball’s path has been praised by all. While its price is slightly higher than average, the performance benefits and the game-enhancing attributes it delivers make it an investment truly worth making.

We strongly encourage all bowling enthusiasts, whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, to experience the UFO Alert Bowling Ball firsthand. Its impressive features could be just what you need to elevate your game to the next level.

Don’t let the cost deter you – it’s an investment that promises rewarding returns in your bowling performance. Try it out and join the growing number of bowlers who swear by the UFO Alert Bowling Ball’s game-changing capabilities!

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Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions that might arise as you consider adding the UFO Alert to your bowling arsenal.

These FAQs will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how this bowling ball can transform your game on the lanes.

A: The Roto Grip, UFO Alert ball, is a great choice for any bowler. It has premier quality features like the ETrax Hybrid reactive coverstock and an asymmetric core that promotes a consistent ball motion. It’s a good ball that performs exceptionally well on medium oil lanes. It’s definitely a ball you can play!”

A: Thanks to its ETrax Hybrid Reactive Coverstock and Asymmetric core, the UFO Alert delivers a smooth, controllable ball motion. It provides an outstanding breakpoint, which makes it a favorite among players.

This hybrid coverstock allows the ball to read the midlane better and provides a solid backend hook.

A: The Roto Grip UFO Alert is considered to be slightly stronger than the Rubicon UC2, particularly due to its hybrid coverstock and asymmetric core. Its reaction in medium oil conditions is more aggressive than the UC2.

However, both balls serve different purposes depending on the lane conditions and the player’s style.

A: It’s one of the best balls on the market for a house shot. The UFO Alert bowling ball provides a consistent and predictable ball motion on medium oil house conditions, which is highly appreciated by both league bowlers and professionals.

A: The asymmetric core in the UFO Alert plays a significant role in its overall performance. It promotes more hook potential and allows a later breakpoint.

This core design also helps to enhance its ball motion, making it a go-to option for many bowlers.

A: Yes, you can get your UFO Alert drilled at any pro shop. The ball can offer different reactions based on various drilling layouts, so it’s recommended to have it drilled by a professional to ensure a perfect fit according to your bowling style.

A: Yes, absolutely. The ETrax Hybrid reactive coverstock is a significant highlight of the UFO Alert. This coverstock type offers excellent versatility in different lane conditions while providing controlled and smooth ball motion.

A: Yes, the UFO Alert by Roto Grip has earned a spot in many bowlers’ favorite lists. Its terrific features, such as the asymmetrical core and hybrid coverstock, make it a versatile ball suitable for various lane conditions. Its overall ball motion has attracted a broad spectrum of bowlers.

A: The UFO Alert certainly stands out in the Roto Grip line, but it is challenging to compare it directly to the Dark Code.

The UFO Alert is a part solid, part pearl hybrid, while the Dark Code is a skid-flip pearl. Both serve different needs, depending on the lane conditions and bowling style. The UFO Alert, of course, doesn’t disappoint and proves to be another great addition to Roto Grip’s lineup.