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10 Best Bowling Balls For Tweeners 2023 & 2024

Best Bowling Balls For Tweeners - bowlingview

Best Bowling Balls For Tweeners Bowling is available in a variety of styles and approaches. When it comes to looks, one such type is known as a “Tweener.” The tweener style is a hybrid of the stroking and cranking styles of bowling. As a result, many people find this transitional period extremely difficult, especially when searching for the best bowling ball.

We have some bowling balls to help you with exactly that! In this guide, you will come to know the ten best bowling balls for tweeners. In addition, we will provide a comparison of each product.

1. Columbia 300 Messenger

There are two distinct color options available for the ball. The bold red and black color scheme, with the logo painted bright yellow in the center. Experts review the ball to ensure that it is smooth and precise at all times. As a result, it is the best choice for beginners or tweeners.

With the center of the ball is a weight block that has been encased in proprietary Hypershock Technology. This function guarantees that the ball remains in pristine condition throughout the year, improving its overall performance.

The ball has been certified by the United States Bowling Congress. It features a super-flex coverstock to use in alleys that have been gently oiled. Furthermore, the ball has a unisex design that can be utilized for stroking and hooking with power and precision.

As a tweener, you may experience a significant amount of backend motion continuation. Although the ball is inexpensive, it is not very lightweight, making it the best bowling for tweeners. But this ball is not best for high oily lane conditions. It weighs around fifteen pounds, and you may need to have it drilled to fit your needs.


  • Super-flex coverstock
  • For light oily lanes
  • Best for tweeners
  • Two color patterns
  • Certified by USBC


  • Not best for high-oily lanes
  • Not pre-drilled
  • Extra cost for drilling

2. Storm Mix Bowling Ball

The new Mix range has taken the world by storm, and one of its most notable characteristics is its urethane coverstock. The use of a urethane shell enhances its excellence. The ball’s look is either purple or silver, with its emblem painted yellow in the center of its midsection.

In addition, the coverstock of the U1S Pearl Urethane has been polished to a 3500 grit factory finish. Having a urethane ball instead of a typical plastic spare ball makes you more mindful of the dry lane situation. The dry lanes will, in the end, result in more consistent pin action.

The Mix has a symmetrical Traditional 3-piece core, which improves predictability and consistency. Every player, from total novices to seasoned professionals, has complete control over the ball. The ball is easy to roll because of the tremendous mid-lane motion and the present smooth, continuous rear action.

This ball does not have the most significant hook potential. However, because of the limited flare potential, you can save time by hitting possible spares. When players attempt to hook with the ball, they will encounter a controlled breakpoint that they may manipulate. If you are a tweener and trying to find the best bowling ball, this is for you.


  • Urethane coverstock
  • Symmetrical Traditional 3-piece core
  • 3500 grit factory finish
  • Typical plastic spare ball
  • Best for dry lanes
  • Best for tweeners


  • Not for oily lanes
  • Not have a significant hook

3. Michelin Strom Hy-Road

The two previous models of MICHELIN bowling balls have developed a lightweight and medium-weight bowling balls poised to make a long-lasting mark on the bowling game.
This ball is constructed of two materials: Pearl coverstock accounts for 50% of the total weight, and RS2 coverstock accounts for the remaining 50%. The technology at the heart of the system is Inverted Fe. The ball has a durometer rate of 74 to 76 and a flare potential of 5-6 inches, which depends on the size of the ball.

According to the data, the ideal scale rate of the ball is 173.8, and the low RG rate is just 2.570. With a different rate of 0.046 and the smell of Boysenberry. You can rival the excellence of a 1500-grit factory finish. Its features give it an attractive choice for lanes that are moderately to severely oiled.

Although several customers claimed to have backside motion extension in the ball, it’s no surprise that you can anticipate it to continue traveling in the proper direction for a much longer period.

The ball is blue-black and has a brilliant yellow company logo in the center, visible from a distance. The ball’s advantage is its portability, which makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go.


  • Constructed of two materials
  • 50% Pearl coverstock
  • 50% RS2 coverstock
  • Best for oily lane conditions
  • A brilliant yellow logo
  • Best for tweeners


  • Only for dry lanes
  • Not for dry lanes

4. Columbia 300 Baller

The ball’s color scheme is brownish-red and yellow, and it has a sleek and elegant aspect. The ball has a maximum weight of 12 to 16 pounds, depending on the size. The high-quality device is equipped with Hypershock Technology, which increases the amount of power available while rolling.

The product has been certified by the USBC and is appropriate for severely oiled or moderately greased lanes. The ball lets you go for powerful and aggressive hooks with greater confidence and ease.

Furthermore, it has an ERT Hybrid coverstock coupled with Abralon 500/200 as part of its specs. Big time is the name given to the asymmetrical core of the game.

In terms of perfect scale rate, the ball has a perfect scale rate of 2.331, but its low RG rate is just 2.52. In addition, the matte finish ball has a differential rate of 0.052 and a mass bias diff of 0.018, which are both low values. While rolling it, you will notice how well it performs because of its eye-catching design.


  • Hypershock Technology
  • Appropriate for severely oiled
  • Aggressive hooks
  • ERT Hybrid coverstock
  • Matte finish


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Not pre-drilled
  • Extra cost for drilling

5. Motiv Tank Blitz

Motiv Tank Blitz is also one of the best bowling balls for a tweener. The coverstock, manufactured using microcell polymer technology, is an essential aspect that you have to note.

Furthermore, the ball has a low relative gravity (RG) of 2.48 and a low differential rate (0.034). In addition, the symmetrical Gear core improves the overall performance of the device. It has a greater effect and a longer duration of action.

The exterior has a sanded solid red body with a 2000 Grit LSS finish and a sanded solid red roof. It improves the accuracy of the ball while also increasing its power. Everyone, from professionals to tweeners, appreciates how smoothly the backend motion continuation is carried out. It is not best for dry and heavy lanes.

The ball’s excellent scale rating of 199.8, combined with its great hook potential, performs as efficiently as possible. The mid-lane roll and the breakpoint shape are each acceptable in their own right. The Frixion microcell polymer causes the ball to hook early in its flight and increases its oil absorption capacity. As a result, you may now enjoy playing on moderately greasy lanes without difficulty.


  • Microcell polymer coverstock
  • Symmetrical Gear core
  • Sanded solid red exterior
  • Backend motion continuation
  • Great hook potential
  • Best for oily lanes


  • Not best for dry lanes
  • Only for oily lanes

6. Roto Grip Hot Cell

Roto Grip Hot cell has the appearance of a standard urethane ball. It boasts several jaw-dropping characteristics. The ball comprises a high-flaring asymmetrical nucleus core coupled with Radioactive Solid Urethane polished to a 1000-grit finish. The Nucleus core has proved to be superior to the prior iterations of the Roto Cell series in terms of performance.

It features a urethane coverstock that grips the front lane and hooks earlier than most other cells on the market. Because of its excellent scale rating of 229.2, it adds an extra hook to your bowling. The ball is appropriate for usage in medium to dry lane conditions.

The Hot cell ensures to give its players a ball that has the best possible continuance and power. The ball has a strong backend action that continues down the lane and handles breakdown far better than most other balls.

For professional players, the Roto Grip Hot cell lacks the necessary strength for strikes. It is flexible and versatile since it retains a simple constant roll breakpoint shape throughout its lifecycle. When used on shorter and flatter patterns, the urethane will eliminate any unfavorable aspects of gaming that you may be experiencing.


  • High-flaring asymmetrical nucleus core
  • Urethane coverstock
  • Best for dry lanes
  • A strong backend action
  • Best for tweeners and pros


  • Not for high oil lanes
  • Lack of strength

7. Ebonite Choice Pearl

Ebonite Choice Pearl is a great bowling ball produced by the company Ebonite that has a pearl finish. It is painted in a purplish-white color with bright yellow lettering on the right side of the vehicle’s midsection. The Choice Pearl is around 15 pounds in weight.
An asymmetrical core with medium RG and a high differential rate is the driving force behind its outstanding performance and usefulness. This piece has been finished with a factory polish and is coated with GSV-1 Pearl reactive overstocks coupled with 500/1000 Abalone.

According to the ball’s specifications, its ideal scale rate is 2.311, while its RG rate is 2.49. It is best suited for medium-oiled lanes due to its length and forceful backend motion continuation for the breakpoint form, making it a good choice for breakpoint shapes. This improved backend motion continuance allows you to play for longer periods without sacrificing precision.

Because it has a differential rate of 0.054 and a bias difference of only 0.021, the ball is an excellent choice for tweeners. Its asymmetrical shape distinguishes the pro-performance core of the ball.


  • Medium RG asymmetrical core
  • Factory polish finish
  • GSV-1 Pearl reactive coverstock
  • Best for medium oil lanes
  • Forceful backend motion
  • Best for tweeners


  • Not best for heavy oil lanes
  • Not best for dry lanes
  • Heavyweight

8. Storm MICHELIN Gravity Evolve

The Gravity Evolve is equipped with a high-definition Shape and Lock core for enhanced performance. It has a low RG rate of just 2.48, but its ideal scale rate is 2368. It also has a low RG rate of only 2.48. There are two different types of coverstock on this ball: SPEC solid and Shape-Lock HD, which are both used on the coverstock.

The Abralon 200 grit matte factory finish is applied to the solid reactive coverstock. The rate difference of this high-definition ball is 0.052, and the durometer ranges from 73 to 75 Rex on a D-scale, further enhancing its performance.

Furthermore, the ball’s flare potential is 6 inches, and the mass bias diff rates are just 0.020 percent. The asymmetrical core type is poised to take everyone by surprise when they roll with it.

A pink-orangey ball displays special appearances with flecks of black and brilliant yellow scattered throughout the ball. The right-handed ball is extremely smooth, with a rear motion that continues throughout the game, and it weighs around 12 pounds.


  • SPEC solid and Shape-Lock HD coverstock
  • Abralon 200 grit matte factory finish
  • Asymmetrical core
  • Black and brilliant yellow scattered patterns
  • The right-handed ball is smooth


  • Unstable for right-handed
  • Not pre-drilled

9. 900 Global Honey Badger

900 Global Honey Badger is also the best bowling ball for tweeners. This product is on the wish list of players who enjoy dominating with speed or who are rev/speed-matched players in general.

The coverstock is urethane and has a matte surface at 1000 Grit Abralon, allowing it to resist harsh circumstances and short patterns. It is also environmentally friendly. When the ball moves down the path, it is designed to gain more length and change direction more frequently.

The ball features an asymmetrical Grapnel core and a medium RG of 2.57 and a medium differential of 0.041, and a medium differential of 0.041. All of them work together to provide the greatest amount of angular motion possible on the surface.

Furthermore, the ball has a large amount of skid with a moderate amount of flare potential. Because it never overreacts, this ball is ideal for high-resolution players who wish to play at a slower pace. When playing house shots or in less greasy situations, this ball is a good choice for you.

The ball generates the necessary friction and does not lose power during its journey until it gives the pins at the top of the lane.


  • 1000 Grit Abralon Coverstock
  • Asymmetrical Grapnel core
  • Great angular motion
  • Moderate flare potential
  • Best less greasy situations


  • Not best for high oil lane
  • Not for heavy dry lane conditions

10. Brunswick U-Motion

Another best bowling ball for tweeners comes from a company known as Brunswick. The ball is simple to adjust, and you may use it to begin your bowing career right away.

With a strong Urethane matte coverstock finished at 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad, the ball has increased predictability while maintaining a high level of durability. On the front half of the lane, it is rather easy to maintain control. The motion of the ball is unrelated to the force with which it is struck. The U-motion conserves energy for the backend drives, which are connected via pins.

While the ball isn’t suggested to be played on wet, damp, or soft grass, it is the best option available to you on dry, hard, and fast tracks. Furthermore, the ball is designed to handle dry and damp surfaces while providing a very smooth and comfortable roll. You may adjust the predicted breakpoint by removing the pads or polish from the container. At last, the ball boasts a high-quality coverstock and is ready to impress you with its U-motion design.


  • Simple to adjust
  • Best for dry lanes
  • Symmetrical U-motion core
  • Urethane matte coverstock
  • Best for beginners


  • Unsuitable for high oil lanes
  • Not pre-drilled

Final Thoughts

It is essential to note that the best bowling ball for tweeners on this list is determined in such a way as to suit all of the different bowling styles of tweeners. The style is appropriate for people of all ages, and both novices and experts frequently utilize it.

We hope you can locate the ball you are looking for in the guide. Columbia 300 Messenger Red/Black is the best bowling for tweeners on our list. The ball you pick will have an impact on your chances of winning a game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to polish a ball to minimize friction on its surface. A variety of polishes are available on the market for different purposes. From polishes that remove dirt and belt marks to polishes available in various grit levels for use in various circumstances ranging from mild oil to dry conditions.

Is the state of the bowling lane oily, medium-oily, or dry? When you are bowling, it is the first thing you try to figure out. You wonder as you toss your warm-up strokes from the center dot out to the edge of the court. If this is the case, it indicates that the lane is dry, and you should shift to the left.

Undoubtedly, some bowlers are better at spinning the ball than others, but to hook the ball, you must generate lift. When you feel your thumb slipping out of the ball, that is when you should begin to raise. If you turn any more than that, say to the point where your palm is directly on the ball’s peak at release, you will decrease the hook.

There is nothing in rubbing alcohol that deep cleans or removes extra dirt and oil from the ball’s pores because it contains nothing like that. As long as you’re only interested in cleaning the surface and getting rid of the obvious gunk like grease, oil, and belt marks, you’ll be OK.