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10 Best Bowling Balls For Slow Speed Bowlers 2023 & 2024

Bowling Balls For Slow Speed Bowlers - Bowlingview

A slow-speed bowler cannot throw the ball with incredible velocity and movement. Do you fit this description? Due to its investigation, the bowling business has looked into the issue and created the most technologically advanced finest bowling balls for slow-speed players. You must agree to the most critical bowling guidelines. These balls will take care of your resting needs.

According to bowling experts, the average speed of a bowling ball is around 18 miles per hour. That is the total average speed, taking into account all other aspects. In the majority of situations, the following factors influence the speed:

  • The state of the lane oil.
  • The number of bowling ball hooks that are used.
  • The type of coverstock used, as well as the surface texture.

Because we are concentrating on the best bowling ball for slow speed, the hooks and the surface texture or coverstock are the essential variables to consider.

If you want to know more about the most highly anticipated bowling ball for slow-speed bowlers before reading our complete evaluations, go no further than the Storm IQ Tour Emerald. Slow-speed bowlers will find it to be a dream ball. As a result, you will be amazed by the constant early roll achieved without any reduction of striking force.

We’ll show you the best alternatives and explain everything you need to know before you buy.  Let’s get started.

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1. Storm IQ Tour Emerald

It could be great for those who desire greater power and control over their bowling ball. It is one of the finest bowling balls for slow-speed bowlers because it generates more revs, which results in more strikes. The professional and accurate core was created to promote the ball’s ability to sustain speed and revolutions, making it an ideal choice for bowlers of all ability levels.

The Storm IQ Tour Emerald is about maintaining momentum to and through the pins on the back end. There will be no changes in the direction down the lane. But slower bowlers will appreciate how far this ball travels and how little energy it loses before pounding through the pins on the way down. On our list, this is one of the smoothest rides, and it is especially suited to bowlers with a delicate touch and elegance to their game.

This ball does not bowl well on the high oil lanes, the less successful the Storm IQ Tour Emerald will be in combating them. This ball has enough power to get the job done and some speed if you need it. It has the potential to be an excellent pick for any level of bowling competitor. The energy acquired by the ball during the throw is sufficient to roll it through the lane of play. As a result, more backend power is available to strike the pins with.


  • Symmetric core
  • Durable pearl reactive coverstock
  • Incredibly reactive coverstock
  • Extraordinary pin impact
  • Offers great control


  • Drill from pro shops
  • Improper for oil lane condition
  • Only for dry lanes
  • Not for professionals

2. Storm Fast Pitch

Almost instantly upon its release, the Storm Fast Pitch Bowling Ball was sold out worldwide. If you’re a slow bowler, this bowling ball offers everything you could desire in a bowling ball. It is made with the ultimate Control XL Solid urethane coverstock, which has a matte appearance and is polished with a 1000-grit Abralon finish.

The Fast Pitch is the gold standard for early read and accurate entrance angle. It has an asymmetric Tour weight block at its core, ensuring distinctive ball motion and a constant roll on the inside. When played in the middle third of the lane, this ball has a pretty clean feel and is quite sensitive. It is intended to manage with satisfaction on medium to dry lanes with a solid rear punch. It is available in two sizes.

Because of the low hook potential, the ball is less likely to look at an acute angle, but it has plenty of hook potential for a firm stroke. It is possible that professional bowlers would also like this gorgeous bowling ball because of its flexibility. It is capable of swiftly adapting to a variety of bowling techniques.

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If you play it correctly, the ball is simple to control, resulting in better pin carry and a higher pin impact, allowing you to easily kick all of them down. Although thrown at a modest velocity, it will create exceptional smooth ball reflexes and backside responses. So, do you see why this ball has received so much attention? Get one for yourself right away!


  • Control XL Solid urethane coverstock
  • 1000-grit Abralon finish
  • Fast Pitch
  • Asymmetric Tour weight-block core
  • Best for slow-speed bowlers


  • Low hook potential
  • Only for dry lanes
  • Not best for oily lanes

3. Storm Hy-Road

The Hy-Road ball is a fantastic alternative for people who wish to have complete control over the ball during a game. Even if you throw it slowly, it provides a good breakpoint. It has an R2S Hybrid cover, which is unique to this model. This ball’s inverted Fe-squared core has a higher RG and a medium-high difference, indicating more durability.

Despite having a greater RG, this ball rolls later or slower down the lane than the others. In a bottle-type reaction, the core and cover pair combine to produce lightning. The hybrid-type cover formula stores more attention than the pearl-type cover formula. It aids in the ball’s acceleration while preserving the fast and constant reaction to friction that it is known for.

To get the pin carry they seek, slower-speed bowlers require precision control. The Storm Hy-Road bowling ball is the ideal reactive hybrid bowling ball for providing just that. The Storm Hy-Road has a more excellent feel for the center of the lane than any other Storm bowling ball we’ve used. It also has a strong breakpoint reaction, even when thrown at lower speeds than average.

This ball has only one drawback: it does not support dry lane conditions. The core aids in the ball’s ability to acquire length. A very flexible combination of distance and pops, the Storm Hy-Road is neither too early for lower revs nor too sluggish for higher ones, making it an excellent choice for any situation. Because of its cover strength, it is still suitable for most league situations. A clear and understandable reply is provided for slow-speed bowlers to learn from. Strom Hy-Road is one of the best bowling balls for slow-speed bowlers. It is also beneficial for high-level achievers.


  • R2S Hybrid cover
  • Best for medium oil lane conditions
  • Excellent grip on the lane
  • Durable hybrid cover
  • Smooth breakpoint


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Supports only oily lane conditions

4. Ebonite Density Solid Magenta

Ebonite Density Solid Magenta is the color of choice. It shares a symmetrical Cyclone Torque core with the recently discontinued Ebonite Cyclone and is also available in Ebonite Density. Prepare to have a smooth and controlled roll from the point of release to the end. Density Solid will give you great mid-lane response time and remarkable rearward motion on your shots.

It is used in conjunction with the GB 11.2 Solid Reactive coverstock, which has been sanded to give it a matte appearance and is coated with a 500/1000/3000 Abralon finish. Ebonite can ensure its smooth deliveries and overall hook potential in medium-lane circumstances. The magenta color will instantly attract the attention of other bowlers in the bowling alley, causing them to stop and see its excellent performance.

This is not recommended for use in dry lane conditions. Ebonite Density is one of the best bowling balls for slow-speed bowlers, and it is available in many different sizes. It is available for purchase at a center price.

You’ll be surprised at how durable this ball travels across the front lane when it comes into contact with friction. There is no waste of striking energy, and it delivers tremendous blows every time it is thrown. Don’t be concerned if you cannot release the ball at a high rate. The ball will take care of your leg labor and complete the task. Interact with it in the same manner as you always have, and watch it knock down all ten pins!


  • Great hook potential
  • Symmetrical Cyclone Torque core
  • GB 11.2 Solid Reactive Coverstock
  • Abralon finish
  • Affordable Price


  • Not Suitable for dry lanes

5. Columbia 300 Chaos Black

Columbia 300 Chaos Black is one of the best bowling balls for slow-speed bowlers. It has a great design and has enough power to provide varied lane conditions for professional bowlers, among other things. It is appropriate for both leagues and more advanced players alike.

This ball is renowned for its incredible ability to create a rev rate when used in heavy to medium greasy lane conditions. A slower bowler will benefit from the Columbia 300 chaos black. It has more decisive action and responsiveness. This is an excellent ball for creating the perfect hook or curve.

This ball moves and responds quickly on oily lanes, making it a good choice for oily alleys. The coverstock has a solid core that is asymmetrical in shape. This ball appears to be a long way down the lane. Several individuals are familiar with throwing urethane, but you may discover that this ball will become your go-to ball in the future. The hook potential of this iteration of chaos makes it superior to previous editions.

Columbia, 300 chaos black, is a high-gloss solid coverstock with a bold, polished finish that can draw attention virtually anywhere. The USBC has approved this ball. But there is a problem for beginners because of its heavy weight and inability to create a hook.

This very sensitive bowling ball does a fantastic job of traveling rapidly down the lane and responding promptly to the strike zone. Although it is a great ball, it is still a suitable choice for slower bowlers who want a greater sense of reaction from their flight to direct it to the targets.


  • Best for professional players
  • Suitable for oil lanes
  • Asymmetrical in shape
  • Approved by USBC
  • Durable coverstock


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Heavyweight

6. Roto Grip Rubicon

The Roto Grip Rubicon is about grasping the momentum going on the rear and knocking out all the pins on the board. Roto Grip has reformulated its old e-Trax coverstock just for this ball. A 3000-Grit Pad is used to polish and finish Rubicon’s upgraded e-Trax S20 solid reactive coverstock. It maintains control and traction in the middle of the lane with medium to heavy oil conditions.

The new asymmetrical Rondure core will be found within the new Rubicon. It provides a smooth motion to the ball without a balancing hole. Rubicons are the best option for those who struggle to perform effectively under pressure. It has the potential to soon establish itself as the best bowling ball for slow-speed bowlers since it will provide you with exceptional performance despite your low rate of bowling. There is no gimmicks or tricks, just pure high performance!

You’ll appreciate the fact that Rubicon advances when the breakpoint is reached. The breakpoint shape is Length, and the backend is Controllable. As a result, the ball is more predictable down the lane than other comparable balls. It also has medium to high hook potential, so you can be confident that it is a worthwhile investment.


  • E-Trax S20 solid reactive coverstock
  • For medium to heavy oil conditions
  • Asymmetrical Rondure core
  • For slow-speed bowlers
  • More predictable down the lane


  • Low performance in dry lanes

7. Roto Grip Hustle RAP

Roto Grip’s Hustle RAP is another excellent addition to their Hustle series of bowling balls. The VTC-P20 Peal reactive coverstock is polished, has a 1500-grit Factory finish, and is made of reactive peal material. Like the other Hustle balls, Hustle RAP features an asymmetric Hustle core with a simple difference, similar to the previous Hustle balls, because the medium RG is the most effective combination for achieving a controlled and smooth back-end response.

This ball is cleaner through the fronts, faster down the lane, and angular at the breakpoint. It gives you the length to make amazing shots out of it. When the royal blue, aqua, and purple colors center are swirled together, it has a pleasant visual effect. Upon release, the ball recognizes the lane quickly and retains its striking force until it reaches the pockets.
Roto Grip Hustle RAP is one of the market’s best bowling balls for slow-speed bowlers. However, it may be too forceful for novices or those who are immature.

Additionally, Hustle RAP has demonstrated an outstanding and durable reaction time in medium to dry lane conditions. The skid-flip reaction of this aggressive ball is ideal when thrown at a slow speed or when the lanes begin to break down, whereas the stronger balls hook prematurely. This is because it is a performance-level bowling ball with low to medium flare potential, which is fantastic!


  • Best for dry and medium lane conditions
  • Dynamic striking power
  • Durable coverstock
  • Outstanding backend action
  • Excellent for low-speed players


  • Aggressive for beginners

8. Brunswick Rhino

The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball is ideal for slow-speed bowlers on a tight financial budget. There is an incredible amount of control and speed with this ball. Many intermediate and advanced players utilize it, despite some experts recommending it for entry-level players.

This ball performs best when used on dry lanes. We believe this is appropriate for all bowlers when the lane conditions are dry or medium-dry. Its light bulb core and R16 reactive coverstock have a length with a hook and a moderate friction reaction, making it a good choice for beginners. The RG is 2.2524, and the difference is 0.030, indicating a positive relationship.

You will see that it is receiving plenty of games on sports shots, which suggests it may be your house shot killer. You will win games without the need to over-hook or curve since it delivers a low differential light bulb core, which has shown to be quite effective in the past. Suppose you have a high rev rate or a lot of side rotation. This ball will benefit because it does not respond to friction as rapidly as a traditional ball.


  • Easy to control
  • R16 reactive coverstock
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for Slow-speed bowlers
  • Best for dry and medium oil condition


  • Not for professionals
  • Less aggressive
  • Challenging for a new bowler

9. 900 Global Clear Polyester

The suitability of the 900 Global Clear Polyester Ball is one of its main advantages. It is an excellent value for both beginners and more experienced gamers. It is designed for dry lane conditions, although you may also use it in mild oil lanes.

This ball is excellent for use as a replacement shooting ball. It is constructed with the best Korean polymers and the highest quality coverstock. You’ll see it’s spotless in the front, middle, and rear. This is the most rigid plastic available, and it doesn’t even bother with an inch hook. You can also strike with it if you give it a strong enough hand.

There is a fantastic option for those who need a durable ball for a low-speed bowling lane. This ball will be your perfect match if you’re looking for something that will provide incredible accuracy. It has 1500 polish and a 900 Global Clear Polyester Ball polished to a 1220 finish. This ball is recommended for use in mild oil conditions.


  • Constructed with Korean polymers
  • Highest quality coverstock
  • Polished to a 1500 shine
  • Best for dry lane
  • Best for slow-speed bowlers


  • Unstable for oily lanes

10. Hammer Web Pearl

Hammer The Web Pearl bowling ball is the best option for slow bowlers who want to increase their bowling speed as much as possible. Like several other Hammer balls, Web Pearl has a symmetrical Speroid core with a mild differential and low RG, which allows it to perform exceptionally well in the mid-lane.

The body is coated with Aggression Pearl reactive coverstock, which provides a pearlescent finish. Once done, it is polished using the Powerhouse Factory Finish polish, which has a 500/1000 Abralon finish.

When you release the Web Pearl ball onto the lane, it will skid/flip on the backside due to its high energy. However, when it reaches the pocket, the power is retained. Even if your throw is a little slow, you won’t have any problems. With each revolution, the ball’s velocity increases, making it much easier to smash those corner pins down. It enables you to widen your viewing angles, ensuring nothing goes wrong.

Given its popularity among slow-speed bowlers, this ball does not strike the pins with great force but rather gently and accurately knocks them down so that no ball remains in the air. Yes! Strikes! This ball has a predictable and incredibly smooth backside, a rare combination. You’ll also appreciate the angular break it provides. Aside from that, the ball offers a consistent length over the whole lane, from the fronts to the pockets.

Throwing this ball on medium lanes will provide constant motion and a burst of energy on the backends. The polished pearl reactive will keep the game forward, recovering even when the routes fail. In addition, this ball has a reasonable amount of hook potential. So go ahead and use this ball to do things you never imagined were possible with your speed.


  • Symmetrical Speroid core
  • Aggression Pearl reactive coverstock
  • Pearlescent finish
  • Best for oily lanes
  • Suitable for slow-speed bowlers


  • Not for dry lanes
  • Unstable for heavy lane conditions

Final Words

Slow-speed bowling balls are much simpler to get than you would expect. Only by consulting this guide will you be fully informed on the various balls. Whatever your level of bowling ability, this information will assist you in making an informed choice.
The bowling business has given bowlers spares and even strikes by providing them with bowling balls. The bowling balls that we’ve selected are some of the best on the market. Good luck with your outstanding gaming skills—they won’t let you down, I promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about the best bowling balls on the market or how to increase your bowling speed? Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you make an informed choice.

In comparison, a faster shot will provide more pin action but will have fewer opportunities to react to the lane, resulting in less hook. On the other hand, a slower shot will hook more often, but it will cost you some pin action.

Research suggests that a bowling ball traveling at about 18 miles per hour is the most efficient at knocking down pins. As a result, setting the World GoBowling record for the quickest strike at 140 mph was no small feat for Australian professional bowler Jason Belmonte.

To begin, train for two sets of ten swings twice a week.

You may progressively increase the number of sets and repetitions as your strength and proficiency in the exercise improve. Before you bowl, do a few sets of 10-20 strokes to help you obtain more strikes.

Increasing the mass has considerably less impact on velocity.

It makes more sense to toss a softball rapidly than a big ball more slowly since you can throw lighter balls quicker.