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Top Major Bowling Tournaments in US

Top Major Bowling Tournaments In Usa - bowlingview

In the professional bowling world, the PBA World Championship is one of several major tournaments in the United States that have the power to shape careers and significantly boost a bowler’s earnings. Among them, the ABC Masters Tournament stands out as a prestigious competition held annually in the dazzling city of Las Vegas.

The stakes are high, with opportunities to win a substantial prize fund, secure lucrative sponsorships, and elevate one’s standing in the sport. However, bowling isn’t just for professionals. In fact, across the U.S., it’s a beloved game that transcends generations. Events such as the USBC Masters, the PBA Tournament of Champions, and the PBA World Series of Bowling provide ample opportunities for players.

For many decades, the charm of bowling is timeless and continues to thrive and attract millions. Whether it’s the thrill of rolling a ball down the lane to knock over pins or the joy of social competition with family and friends, bowling remains a favorite activity. The game’s allure is undeniable, drawing players year after year to bowling alleys nationwide.


Below here is the list of top Bowling tournaments in the USA

  • World Bowling U.S. Open Championships
  • National Bowling Association (NBA) Championships
  • American Bowling Congress (ABC) National Championships
  • USA Bowling Pro-Am Championship
  • Women’s American Bowling Congress (W-ABC) World Team Trials
  • Women’s ABC National Championships
  • Women’s PBA U.S.


1. World Bowling Ball U.S. Open Championships

Firstly, the World Bowling U.S. Open Championships is the largest tournament in the United States. It takes place in Chicago, Illinois, beginning in early April and ending in early May.

The competition attracts thousands of people, and most of them come to watch the matches. This is one of the main attractions in the city. The United States Bowling Congress has organized U.S. Open championships since 1949.

Thousands of bowlers from around the world participate in the Open Championships every year.

There are two different levels of participation. A player can qualify for one of these two levels by winning major national tournaments. The top 25 players in the country after the national tournament will be eligible to participate in the Open Championships.


2. National Bowling Association (NBA) Championships

NBA Championships are held to determine the champion for each region. Currently, ten areas in the United States hold their bowling events. Each region has its champion, and the national championships are held once a year. Two types of bowling events are featured: team events and individual events.

There are two different styles of competition. The first type is the team event, and the second type is the individual event. The team event determines which team is the national champion, and the particular event determines which player is the national champion.

In the team event, each team consists of three bowlers. Two bowlers compete in the singles, while the third bowls in the doubles. The singles consist of each bowler bowling the same ball.

3. American Bowling Congress (ABC) National Championships

ABC is a competition among the top ten bowling teams in the United States. Each unit consists of three bowlers. Two bowlers compete in the singles, while the third bowls in the doubles. The singles consist of each bowler bowling the same ball.

The bowling balls vary in size and weight, but there are no restrictions on what type of bowling ball you use. For example, you can use a standard or modified bowling ball. There are no limitations on what kind of shoes or socks you use. The only restriction is that you must use the same ball throughout the competition.

The tournament is held annually at the exact location and under the same rules. Each team plays against the other top ten teams in their pool.

4. USA Bowling Pro-Am Championship

The USA Bowling Pro-Am Championship is an amateur tournament held annually in the United States, and it has been played since 1970.

Unlike professional competitions, it doesn’t offer prize money. This event becomes a major local attraction because it’s held at the same location every year, surrounded by many bowling centers. In a single-elimination format, participants compete against ten other bowlers.

USA Bowling Pro-Am Championship - bowlingview

5. Women’s PBA U.S.

The Women’s Professional Bowling Association (WPBA) has a rich history, with the first tournament held in 1976. Named after Marge Schott, the founder of the league and the first female inductee into the PBA Hall of Fame, it honors women in the sport.

The annual competition occurs in June and hosts a series of games in various locations, attracting professional female bowlers from around the country. The tournament adheres to specific rules and regulations, designed to create a fair and intense competition.

Some of the past champions include notable figures like [insert notable female bowler names], who have left their mark on the sport. The event is not just about the competition; it’s a celebration of women’s achievements in bowling, showcasing talent, determination, and passion.

Additionally, the Women’s PBA U.S. offers workshops and seminars led by professional bowlers, allowing amateurs to learn from the best. It’s an essential platform for women in bowling, fostering growth, recognition, and excellence in the sport.

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Bowling is a sport with a rich and lengthy history in the United States, capturing the hearts of amateurs and professionals alike. Beyond the thrilling local tournaments like the USA Bowling Pro-Am Championship, there are many opportunities for bowlers at all levels.

including the PBA World Championship and World Series of Bowling.

With interest growing year by year, the future promises exciting developments in the competitive bowling world.

It’s an exhilarating time for both recreational players and serious competitors, as the sport continues to win over the hearts of millions across the nation. The chances for substantial gains, the thrill of competition, and the joy of shared experiences all contribute to the timeless magic of bowling.

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Whether you are a professional bowler or just getting started in the sport, understanding the rules and regulations of major tournaments is essential to success.

Here are some frequently asked questions about major bowling tournaments to help you get up to speed.

A: The major bowling tournaments in the US include the PBA Tournament of Champions, USBC Masters, PBA World Championship, USBC Queens, and the United States Open.

A: The PBA Tournament of Champions is one of the major championships in professional bowling. It brings together the most elite PBA tour players to compete for the title.

A: The USBC Masters is another major bowling tournament organized by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). It is open to both professional and amateur bowlers.

A: The PBA World Championship is one of the four major tournaments on the PBA tour. It brings together professional bowlers from around the world to compete for the prestigious title.

A: The USBC Queens is a major tournament specifically for female bowlers. It is organized by the United States Bowling Congress and is one of the most prestigious women’s bowling events.

A: The United States Open is a major tournament that is considered one of the most challenging events in professional bowling. It attracts elite bowlers from around the world.

A: Players can qualify for major championships by earning points and rankings throughout the PBA tour season.

There are also qualifying events and regional tours that offer opportunities to earn spots in major tournaments.

A: The World Series of Bowling is a series of tournaments hosted by the PBA.

It includes several major championships and attracts top professional bowlers from around the world.

A: Earl Anthony was a professional bowler who is considered one of the greatest players in the sport’s history. He won numerous PBA tour titles and was the first player to reach 40 career titles.

A: The prize fund for major bowling tournaments varies depending on the event.

Some tournaments have a guaranteed prize fund, while others depend on the number of entries and sponsorship contributions.