Best Clear Bowling Balls: Top Picks for 2023

Best Clear Bowling Balls - bowlingview
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Bowling is a fun and engaging sport that appeals to players of all ages. It’s an activity that combines skill, technique, and the right equipment to create an enjoyable sports experience for all. Among the various types of bowling balls available, clear bowling balls have gained popularity due to their striking appearance and unique designs.

Clear bowling balls are not just a cosmetic delight, but also offer several advantages for bowlers. Being able to see through the ball can help players observe the ball’s motion and better understand its performance – especially when it comes to spin and hook. Whether you’re seeking an eye-catching piece for your collection at home or a new companion for the lanes, a clear bowling ball might be just what you need.

When purchasing a clear bowling ball, there are several factors to consider. Material, weight, and core design significantly impact the way the ball behaves on the lane. The coverstock material, such as polyester or urethane, directly influences the ball’s resistance, traction, and overall performance. The ball’s weight plays a crucial role in its stability, while the core design dictates the ball’s overall motion and hook potential.

In our quest to find the best clear bowling balls, we have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to researching, testing, and analyzing various brands and products. After evaluating their performance, price, design, and materials, we have meticulously selected the top picks to help you find the perfect clear bowling ball for your game.

Best Clear Bowling Balls

We have researched and compiled a list of the best clear bowling balls available from top brands on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these eye-catching graphics and high-quality balls will make your bowling experience enjoyable and unique.

Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball

Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball - bowlingview

An ideal choice for bowlers seeking an entry-level ball with striking power backed by Jason Belmonte himself.


  • Powerful core design with Hex Core technology
  • Durable plastic coverstock material
  • Polished surface finish for smooth performance


  • Limited to dry lane conditions
  • No mass bias strength
  • Flare potential of 0 – 1 inches

Endorsed by professional bowler Jason Belmonte, the Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball offers an excellent entry-level ball for recreational bowler and those looking to develop their skills. With its symmetrical Storm Hex Core, this ball generates impressive power, complementing a bowler’s strike potential.

The plastic coverstock of this ball makes it highly durable and suitable for extended use. Alongside its 3500 Grit Polish surface finish, we found it glided smoothly and predictably on dry lanes. This combination ensures consistent performance during games and practice sessions.

However, the Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball may not be ideal for those who often face different lane conditions or require a more versatile ball. With its limited flare potential and no mass bias strength, adapting to different environments and pinpointing specific targets might be challenging.

Overall, the Storm Clear Belmo Gold Bowling Ball provides an excellent option for novice bowlers looking to improve their game. Its solid core design, smooth performance, and durability make the price of purchase it a great investment – however, players who require more versatility should be aware of its price and its limitations.

Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball 14.0 Pounds

Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball 14.0 Pounds - bowlingview

This ball is a striking graphics option for those who want to stand out on the lanes with a high-quality, eye-catching design.


  • Stunning clear skull design
  • Smooth and well-balanced
  • Unique visual appeal


  • Scratches easily
  • Skull details not as realistic as advertised
  • Requires high rev rate for hook shots

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball and were impressed by its striking appearance. The clear skull design not only looks awesome, but also adds a sense of uniqueness to your bowling experience. When showcasing this ball at the alley, it was clear that it was turning heads and garnering attention from fellow bowlers.

The feel of the ball is smooth and well-balanced, making it easy to handle and throw consistently. However, we did notice that the ball’s smooth surface made it a bit difficult for those who prefer to hook their shots, requiring a higher rev rate to achieve a proper hook. It’s worth noting that if you’re not one for adding flair to your toss, this aspect might not be a concern.

Unfortunately, the Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball does come with a few drawbacks. The most prominent issue we found was that it scratches easily. This was surprising given the appealing design, as we hoped the ball would maintain its pristine look for longer. Additionally, the skull details in the ball were not as realistic as the product advertisement had led us to believe, which was slightly disappointing.

Despite these negatives, the Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball remains an eye-catching and engaging option for those looking to show off their style on the bowling lanes. Its unique design and smooth feel make it an enjoyable choice for both casual and avid bowlers alike, but be prepared for some extra effort when attempting hook shots and potential scratches to your brand new, head-turning clear skull bowling ball.

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball Clear Swirl Blue/White 12 LB

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball Clear Swirl Blue-White 12 LB - bowlingview

A fantastic choice for bowlers of all ages and skill levels seeking a durable and visually appealing clear bowling ball.


  • Suitable for various skill levels and ages
  • Polyester coverstock ensures straight shots
  • High-quality Pyramid craftsmanship


  • Might require some adjustments after initial drilling
  • Non-returnable if incorrect weight is ordered
  • Not suitable for those looking to add hook to their shots

Upon receiving our Pyramid Path Bowling Ball, we immediately noticed the beautiful Clear Swirl Blue/White design that sets it apart from most customers’ standard bowling balls. We knew it would grab attention and make a statement on the lanes.

We found the polyester coverstock to be perfect for achieving straight shots, making this ball ideal for beginners or bowlers looking to improve their accuracy. The Pyramid brand of quality is evident in the ball’s construction, and it held up well after continuous use.

One minor issue we encountered was the need to adjust the finger holes after initial drilling as some of us found our fingers getting stuck during play. Visiting our local pro shop for a quick fix was all it took to get the ball feeling just right.

While the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is perfect for those looking to improve their straight shots, it may not be suitable for experienced bowlers looking to add hook to their game. Additionally, ensure you order a ball features the correct weight, as this ball is non-returnable if you accidentally order one that’s too heavy or too light.

In conclusion, the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball Clear Swirl Blue/White 12 LB is a fantastic option for bowlers of all ages and skill levels who want buy a durable, visually appealing ball that offers consistent straight shots. Just be prepared to fine-tune the finger holes and order the correct weight for a smooth bowling experience.

Buying Guide


When looking for the best clear bowling balls, it’s crucial to understand the materials used in their construction. Generally, two materials are predominantly used for bowling balls: polyester and urethane. Take into consideration your skill level and preferred style of play, as it will help you determine the right material for your clear bowling ball.


Choosing the appropriate weight for your clear bowling ball is a vital factor to consider. Factors such as personal strength, skill level, and your preferred style of play all play a role in determining the suitable weight for you. Most adult bowlers will find a suitable bowling ball ships be between 12 – 16 pounds, while children and seniors often prefer lighter balls of 6 – 12 pounds.

Skill Level Suggested Ball Weight
Beginner 6 – 12 pounds
Intermediate 12 – 14 pounds
Advanced 14 – 16 pounds

Reaction and hook potential

Every bowler wants to choose a ball suited to their style, so it’s essential to know the reaction and hook potential of a clear bowling ball. Consider the lane conditions you frequently face and select a ball with the appropriate reaction and hook potential to match your preferences.


One of the unique features of clear bowling balls is their striking appearance. They often feature eye-catching designs and vibrant colors, making them stand out from traditional bowling balls. Consider your personal preferences for design and color to ensure that you enjoy using your clear bowling ball.

By taking into account these essential factors, we can be confident that we’re making the decision about the right choice when selecting the best clear bowling ball to enhance our game.