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9 Best Bowling Balls for 2 Finger: Ultimate Guide for 2023-2024


Bowling is a popular sport that caters to various bowling styles, and techniques, and using the right equipment can make all the difference in your performance. One such choice is the two-finger bowling style, which is steadily gaining popularity among bowlers who seek better control and hooking potential. To excel with this technique, it’s essential to find the perfect bowling ball that caters specifically to the two-finger grip.

Two-finger bowling balls are designed with unique properties that enhance performance in this gripping style. They focus on factors such as core dynamics, coverstock materials, and weight distribution. These elements work together to provide improved balance, control, and hook potential for bowlers who prefer using two fingers.

When choosing the best bowling ball for two-finger grip, the critical factors to consider are the ball’s core design, coverstock material, and weight. These elements determine the ball’s reaction to the lane conditions, its hook potential, and your overall comfort and control while bowling. It’s essential to find the right combination of these factors to get the most from your two-finger style.

To help you make the best choice, we have researched and tested an array of bowling balls specifically designed for the two-finger technique. Our aim is to provide you with the best options available, making it easier for you to find the ideal ball to enhance your two-finger bowling experience.

Best Bowling Balls for 2 Finger

We’ve gathered our top picks for the best bowling balls specifically designed for 2-finger bowlers. Check out the list below to find the perfect match for your bowling style and skill level.

S&S Worldwide Unbreakable Rubber Ultra Bowling Ball

We believe this bowling ball is a great option for two-finger bowlers seeking an adaptable and sturdy ball for casual play.

Pros Cons
Durable one-piece rubber construction Limited to one color: blue
Accommodates various hand sizes with two sets of finger holes Might not be accepted by all bowling alleys
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 5 lbs weight may be too light for some players

As avid bowlers, we were excited to try the S&S Worldwide Unbreakable Rubber Ultra Bowling Ball due to its unique design and claims of durability. After giving it a spin (pun intended) on both indoor lanes and our makeshift outdoor alley, we were quite impressed with its performance.

One feature that stood out to us was the inclusion of two sets of finger holes, allowing users of all ages and hand sizes to comfortably grip the ball. This makes it ideal for families or groups with players of different ages and skill levels.

Moreover, the ball is molded from a single piece of rubber, preventing the risk of it falling apart during play. This makes a significant difference when playing in a basement, driveway, or anywhere strikes might be rough on a conventional ball.

However, this ball’s versatility comes with a few drawbacks. The 5 lbs weight, while perfect for children or newcomers to bowling, might disappoint more experienced players in search of a challenge. Furthermore, the ball’s unconventional structure may not be accepted by all bowling alleys, so it’s essential to check with your local establishment before bringing it for a game.

Overall, the S&S Worldwide Unbreakable Rubber Ultra Bowling Ball is an ideal pick for two-finger bowlers who require a versatile and robust ball to use with friends and family, indoors or outdoors.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid Bowling Ball 14 Pounds

The Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid is a fantastic choice for two-finger bowlers seeking performance and versatility on the lanes.

Pros Cons
Battle-tested for consistent performance Might be more challenging for beginners
Impressive colors and responsive backend reaction Not suitable for all lane conditions
Renowned Gas Mask core provides familiar Black Widow reaction Some bowlers might prefer a smoother backend reaction

We recently tried the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid Bowling Ball and were impressed by its performance. The ball features the all-new HK22 base resin combined with the Aggression Hybrid additive package, providing more length and a sharper backend reaction compared to its predecessor, the Black Widow Ghost.

The Gas Mask core, a staple of the Black Widow series, continues to offer an outstanding reaction and carry. As a two-finger bowler, we observed how well it fits the line, and the shiny strength provided by the HK22 base material is undeniable. The cover not only boasts rich, eye-catching colors but also delivers an exceptionally responsive backend reaction.

While the learning curve for novice bowlers might seem steep, regular players will discover its potential to significantly improve their game on synthetic lanes. However, it’s crucial to note that the ball’s backend reaction might be too sharp for some bowlers’ preferences, and it may not be ideal for every lane condition.

In conclusion, the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid Bowling Ball is a worthy investment for two-finger bowlers aiming to improve their game and seeking a high-performance, versatile ball. Its battle-tested design, responsive backend reaction, and reputable Gas Mask core make it a reliable choice for experienced players.

Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball

Bowling enthusiasts looking for an effective 2-finger bowling ball should definitely consider the Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball for its impressive core and unique features.

Pros Cons
Pre-drilled for convenience Limited customization options for drilling
Gas Mask core for increased performance Not suitable for those who prefer undrilled balls
Constructed with 100% polyester material Pre-drilled balls are non-returnable

Upon receiving our Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball, we immediately noticed the convenience of having it pre-drilled. The five size options cater to different age groups and hand sizes, ensuring you get a comfortable grip for those 2-finger rolls. Remember to choose your preferred size at the time of purchase and contact the company if you have any specific requests.

The Gas Mask core contributes significantly to the ball’s overall performance. Not only does it offer better hitting power, but it also provides a unique flare that elevates this polyester ball among others in its category. As avid bowlers, we appreciated the combination of performance and aesthetics in the Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball.

One downside to this bowling ball is the limited customization when it comes to drilling. While the ball comes in five pre-drilled sizes, those wanting a more personalized fit may find the options restrictive. Additionally, pre-drilled balls are not returnable or exchangeable, so make sure to double-check your selection before completing your purchase.

In conclusion, the Hammer Black Widow Viz-A-Ball is a worthy addition to your arsenal if you’re a 2-finger bowler. The pre-drilled sizes and Gas Mask core set it apart from other polyester balls, providing both excellent performance and convenience. However, keep in mind the limitations in customization and return options when making your decision.

Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball – Royal Purple/Gunmetal/Medallion 16lbs

The Storm Phaze 4 is an excellent choice for bowlers in search of an aggressive, symmetrical ball that offers powerful, precise performance.

Pros Cons
Aggressive symmetric design enables improved shot quality and focus Color variation may not match the product picture
Velocity Core boosts power, control, and consistency USBC has prohibited the use of this ball in national tournaments
Enhanced backend performance for higher impact Not suitable for beginners

If you’re a bowler who demands top performance from your equipment, the Storm Phaze 4 could be the perfect match for you. Its aggressive symmetric design and Velocity Core provide an amazing combination of power, control, and consistency. We found that this low RG gem helped us play at a faster pace with more revs, making for some genuinely impressive shots.

The Storm Phaze 4 bowling ball really caught our attention, especially its striking appearance. However, we did notice that some purchasers found the color variation on their ball didn’t match the product picture, so keep this in mind if appearance is a significant factor for you.

One important note to consider is that USBC has prohibited the use of this ball in national tournaments. As a result, the ball may not be suitable if you plan on participating in those events. Nevertheless, for those looking for a high-performing ball for league play and practice, the Storm Phaze 4 remains an excellent choice. It should be noted that this ball is more suited to experienced players and may not be the best choice for beginners.

Overall, despite some minor drawbacks, the Storm Phaze 4 Bowling Ball delivers on its promise to help elevate your game. By offering a powerful, comfortable, and consistent performance, this ball can make a significant impact on your shot quality.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball 14 Pounds

We believe the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 is an excellent choice for two-finger bowlers looking for a solid, aggressive ball that improves their game.

Pros Cons
Aggressive hook potential Requires adjustment period for optimal play
Solid reactive coverstock for increased power Not suitable for all lane conditions
Gas Mask core for improved performance Heavier weight may be challenging for some bowlers

We recently tried the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 14-pound bowling ball and found that it has an impressive hook potential and overall performance. Its Aggression Solid coverstock provides increased power and control on the lanes, making it a strong contender for two-finger bowlers.

The Gas Mask core in this Hammer ball is designed to enhance the ball’s overall performance. This core’s unique design helps maintain consistent axis migration and predictability, which is essential for accurate, explosive shots.

However, we noticed that this bowling ball might not suit all lane conditions, so you may need to adjust your playing style or technique on certain lane surfaces. Additionally, the 14-pound weight might be challenging for some two-finger bowlers, so it’s crucial to choose a weight that you’re comfortable using.

In conclusion, the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 provides an aggressive, powerful option for two-finger bowlers looking to up their game. With its solid reactive coverstock and Gas Mask core, this ball delivers impressive performance, but be prepared to adjust your playstyle to maximize its potential fully.

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball 13 lb Red/Blue/Purple

Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is a versatile and powerful choice for two-finger bowlers looking for a high-performance ball.

Pros Cons
Strong motion and hook potential May be too aggressive for beginners
Suitable for various lane conditions Packaging for international shipping could be improved
Durable and well-built Spare shots might require a different ball

We recently had the opportunity to try the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball, and it exceeded our expectations. The marriage between the core and the cover produces the strongest motion of any symmetrical Storm ball we have used, resulting in powerful late hooks and excellent pin carry. It’s a perfect ball for two-finger bowlers seeking that extra edge in performance on medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

The Storm Phaze II is a great addition to our arsenal, as it provides us with versatility on various lane conditions. Additionally, its reactive-solid outer material combined with a well-built design ensures that we can count on its durability. As with most Storm balls, the visual appearance is just as impressive as its performance, featuring an eye-catching combination of red, blue, and purple.

However, this ball might not be the best option for beginner bowlers who are still learning to adjust to stronger hooks or who may be overwhelmed by its aggressive motion. Furthermore, while the ball is excellent for strikes, it may not be the best ball of choice for spare shots – we personally use our pitch-black ball for spares. Lastly, we received some feedback about the packaging for international shipping, suggesting that it could be improved to prevent potential damage during transit.

Overall, for two-finger bowlers searching for a powerful and versatile ball, the Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball is definitely worth considering. With its strong motion, durability, and adaptability to various lane conditions, it has earned its place in our arsenal handed bowlers.

BuyBocceBalls EPCO Duckpin Bowling Balls

We believe the BuyBocceBalls EPCO Duckpin Bowling Balls are a fantastic choice for two-finger bowlers due to their vibrant design and reliable performance.

Pros Cons
Vibrant color combinations Only available in a pack of two
Suitable for all skill levels Limited weight options
Durable 80% rubber and 20% synthetic composition Might require getting used to for first-time users

After getting our hands on the BuyBocceBalls EPCO Duckpin Bowling Balls, we were instantly drawn to the striking black, red, and yellow marbleized design. Not only do these balls look great on the lanes, but their bright colors also make it easy to distinguish our balls from others during busy bowling sessions.

The 80% rubber and 20% synthetic composition give the balls an 88D hardness, which we found to be perfect for two-finger bowlers. This material makeup ensures durability and consistent performance, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. We appreciate how these balls cater to bowlers across all skill levels.

However, we did notice some drawbacks. For instance, these bowling balls are only available in a pack of two, which may not be ideal if you only need one ball. Additionally, the balls come in a standard 5-inch size with a weight of 3 pounds and 12 ounces, which might not suit everyone’s preferences.

In conclusion, the BuyBocceBalls EPCO Duckpin Bowling Balls offer a striking design and reliable performance, making them an excellent choice for two-finger bowlers. Despite a few minor downsides, we think these balls are worth considering if you’re looking for a stylish and durable option on the lanes.

Storm Bowling Ball 15lbs Tangerine/Midnight/Turquoise

We highly recommend this bowling ball for its unmatched performance and value in its class.

Pros Cons
Great ball reaction on medium to heavy oil conditions Can be slightly more challenging for beginners to handle
Strong hook, perfect for two-finger bowlers Prone to over/under reactions in certain lane conditions
Long-lasting coverstock and impressive build quality Limited color options

When we first used the Storm Bowling Ball, we immediately noticed the impressive hook potential it possesses. It works particularly well on medium to heavy oil conditions and has the ability to read the lanes consistently. This ball offers a strong reaction at the break point that not only hooks powerfully but also remains continuous and responsive.

The coverstock, TractionX7 Pearl Reactive, is highly durable and maintains its performance even after extended use. As a two-finger bowler, we appreciated the ball’s strong hook capabilities. However, those transitioning from a two-finger bowling a straight shot or house balls might require a bit of practice before fully harnessing the ball’s potential.

One concern we experienced was the ball’s sensitivity to over/under reactions on particular lane conditions. This slight drawback is more than compensated by its overall performance, making it well worth the purchase. Additionally, its unique Orange Coffee Cake fragrance adds a fun touch to the experience.

In conclusion, the Storm Bowling Ball, with its unmatched value and performance, is a fantastic investment for two-finger bowlers wanting a powerful hook on medium to heavy oil conditions. The minor drawbacks we experienced do not outweigh the significant benefits this ball offers.

Buying Guide


When selecting the best bowling ball for 2-finger bowlers, it’s important to consider the material. Bowling balls are typically made from four different materials: polyester/plastic, urethane, reactive resin, and particle/proactive. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so consider your skill level, style, and personal preferences when making a choice.


Weight is another crucial factor when choosing a bowling ball. It can greatly impact your performance on the lanes. When selecting the weight of a bowling ball, it is essential to consider both your own strength and your two-finger bowling technique. Lighter balls will be easier to control, but may not provide as much power, while heavier balls can offer more momentum and provide greater control down the lane.

Weight Range Recommended For
6-10 lbs Kids, beginners
11-14 lbs Most adult bowlers
15-16 lbs Advanced, competitive bowlers


The coverstock is the outer surface of the bowling ball. It affects how the ball reacts to lane conditions and how much the ball hooks. There are three main types of coverstocks: solid reactive, pearl reactive, and hybrid reactive.

Solid reactive coverstocks provide more traction on the lane and create a smoother arc to the pocket, while pearl reactive coverstocks offer less traction and create a sharper hook. Hybrid reactive coverstocks combine the best aspects of both and can be fine-tuned to suit your specific bowling style.


Lastly, consider the core types: symmetric, asymmetric, and pancake cores. Each core type provides a different ball motion and reaction on the lanes.

  • Symmetric cores: These are uniformly shaped and offer a smooth, predictable motion down the lane, making them a popular choice for many bowlers.
  • Asymmetric cores: These cores create an imbalance that results in a more aggressive hook and are ideal for bowlers wanting maximum hook potential.
  • Pancake cores: Pancake cores are used mainly in plastic/polyester balls and are perfect for beginners and bowlers looking for a spare ball.

By considering the material, weight, coverstock, and core of right bowling ball, you can make an informed decision and find the perfect 2-finger bowling ball for your needs.

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Are you curious about two-finger bowling and the types of balls used by experienced bowlers? Get all your questions answered with this helpful FAQ guide on two-finger bowling.

A: A two-finger bowler is someone who bowls without using the thumb, but instead, grips the ball with the middle and ring fingers.

A: Some of the best bowling balls for two-finger bowlers in 2023 include the Roto Grip Halo ball, the Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball, and the 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball.

A: When selecting a bowling ball, two-finger bowlers should look for balls designed specifically for finger bowlers, such as reactive resin balls that offer a strong hook on the lane.

A: Yes, experienced bowlers can use balls designed for two-finger bowlers, but they may need to adjust their technique to accommodate the different types of grip.

A: Bowlers may prefer a two-finger grip because it can provide more control over the ball and allow for a stronger hook on the lane.

A: Roto Grip is a popular bowling brand known for its high-quality bowling balls, including those designed for two-finger bowlers.

A: The Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball is a reactive resin ball that provides a strong hook on medium-oil and dry lanes, making it a popular choice for two-finger bowlers as well as advanced bowlers.

A: Thumbless bowling is a technique used by two-finger bowlers who grip the ball with their middle and ring fingers and do not use their thumbs.

A: The 900 Global Zen Bowling Ball is a reactive resin ball that offers a strong hook and is ideal for medium-oil and dry lanes. Bowlers should check the oil patterns of the lanes before using this ball.

A: Yes, the ball is crucial for two-finger bowlers as it can significantly affect their performance on the lane.

Using the right type of ball can help bowlers achieve the desired results and improve their technique.